U.S. Flag Requests

You may purchase U.S. flags through my office. Flags, sold at cost, can be purchased in a variety of sizes, in the quantity of your choosing.

If you choose, you may have the flag flown over the U.S. Capitol Building. All flags flown over the Capitol are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Flags may be flown for a particular person, event, or organization, and may be flown on a specific date.

Please be aware that flags flown over the Capitol on specific dates should be requested at least one month in advance. The processing and delivery of flag requests may take over a month. It may take longer if you have the flag flown on a popular federal holiday, such as the 4th of July or Memorial Day.

Your order cannot be processed unless it is accompanied by your payment for the flag(s). Please make checks payable to:

"Congressman Paul Ryan's Office Supply Account"

If you have questions about ordering flags, please call Rebekah Geffert at (202) 225-3031.

To proceed to the order form, please first indicate who is purchasing the flag.