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Frequently Asked Questions: USCIS

How can Congressman Ryan assist me when I have a problem with USCIS?

If you have been unsuccessful in your efforts to resolve a matter with USCIS officials directly or have been unable to obtain from the USCIS the status of your pending application, I can contact USCIS officials in your behalf to obtain the status of a pending application(s) or to obtain information that you need.

Before I can contact the USCIS regarding your situation, the following information will need to be provided to my office:

  • Your full name (all surnames if there are multiple)

  • The date and place (USCIS office location) where you filed your application

  • The number and/or title of the application you filed

  • A copy of your USCIS receipt or any USCIS correspondence that may be helpful

  • Your Alien Registration number (A#) or your USCIS receipt number (for this area of the county, most of the numbers start with WAC)

  • Your current address and any previous addresses which may have been used on previous USCIS applications that you have submitted 

  • Your date of birth and country of birth (if not the U.S.)

  • A signed Privacy Act Release form, as required by the Privacy Act of 1974

Please understand that neither I nor my staff can dispense legal advice on how to handle a USCIS case. You may want to contact an attorney that specializes in immigration related issues or immigration law if you need more specific assistance or legal advice of any kind.