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Assistance with Federal Agencies

One of my most important jobs as your Congressman is to assist those I represent by serving as a direct link to the federal government, helping constituents navigate the bureaucratic maze, and cutting through the red tape to obtain answers from federal agencies.

What is Casework?

You can often obtain an answer or resolve your problems by directly contacting a federal agency or by visiting its web site.  However, when additional help is required, my staff and I will open a case and act as your liaison with the appropriate federal agency to assist you in your efforts to resolve the problem.

How do I open a Case?

Please call toll-free at 1-888-909-RYAN (7926) to discuss options available to secure assistance with problems involving agencies of the federal government.

Things to Know

  • While I will do my best to assist you with resolving your situation, I do not have the ability to override agency decisions made in accordance with federal law or regulation.
  • I am unable to assist you with a problem involving a state or local government agency, or which does not fall under federal jurisdiction. You may want to contact your state or local officials for assistance with these matters.
  • Due to the constitutional separation of powers, judicial matters do not fall under my jurisdiction as a Member of Congress. House ethics rules also prohibit me from acting as an attorney.
  • I am regretfully unable to directly intervene in private disputes between individuals and businesses, financial institutions, or other independent entities.  However, I will be happy to provide you detailed information about programs and resources that may be helpful to you in pursuing such complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions

During my years of service to the residents of Wisconsin’s 1st District, constituents have experienced problems with certain federal agencies or programs far more often than others.  Based on the volume of casework requests my office has handled for constituents dealing with these particular issues, I have put together helpful information about the programs and agencies most frequently inquired about.  Please feel free to visit these links to secure answers to your most commonly asked questions.

(If the information or assistance you seek cannot be found on these pages, please feel free to contact my office directly for further assistance.  I am always happy to respond and be of service to you however possible.)

Citizenship and Immigration Services

Consumer Complaints

General Financial and Emergency Assistance Resources

Health Care Marketplace Information

Internal Revenue Service




Preventing Identity Theft and Fraud

Small Business Administration

Social Security Administration