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Small Business Administration

In these difficult economic times, small businesses continue to be the driving force in our economy.  I am happy to assist individuals who are interested in starting or expanding a Wisconsin-based business by providing information on available government financing, counseling, and training programs.

If you are unable to obtain the help you need from the following resources, I am happy to try to assist you. However, I will need your written permission to help with most issues involving the Small Business Administration. A Privacy Act Release form will need to be completed and sent with a detailed explanation of your request for assistance to: 

  Office Location:  20 South Main Street, Suite 10 
 Janesville, WI 53545

  Mailing Address:  Congressman Paul Ryan
 1233-B Longworth HOB
 Washington, DC 20515 
  Fax:   (608) 752-4711


U.S. Small Business Administration
Your small business resource

Other Business Resource Assistance

Information on Business Procurement Opportunities and Procurement Assistance

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