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Social Security Administration

If you are experiencing difficulties with the Social Security Administration (SSA) in obtaining disability benefits,* Supplemental Security Income (SSI), retirement or other Social Security-related benefits, or if you just need help in obtaining documents or other information, I stand ready to assist you.

If you are unable to secure the help you need from the following resources, I am happy to open a case in your behalf. A Privacy Act Release form will need to be completed and sent with a detailed explanation of your request for assistance to: 

  Office Location:  20 South Main Street, Suite 10 
 Janesville, WI 53545

  Mailing Address:  Congressman Paul Ryan
 1233-B Longworth HOB
 Washington, DC 20515 
  Fax:   (608) 752-4711

*Please note that if your disability case is pending review at the hearing or Appeals Council level, while I can inquire about the status of the application and/or hearing, I cannot compel the SSA officials reviewing your claim to issue a favorable decision in your case, nor can I compel SSA officials to expedite the hearing or decision-making process.  Additionally, because of the legal nature of such processes, it is recommended that you work with your legal counsel or a legal assistance organization as you prepare for your hearing.  Please review the link below entitled, “How does the Social Security Disability appeals process work?” for additional information.


Social Security Online
The official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration

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