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Displaced Workers Assistance

As a fifth-generation Janesville native, I understand that the last few years have been especially difficult for the residents of Wisconsin’s 1st District. Many plants in Southern Wisconsin have closed or reduced their payrolls in response to mounting economic hardships.

These layoffs and closures have been a painful blow to our communities because manufacturing jobs are and always have been the bedrock of Southern Wisconsin’s economy. My thoughts, prayers, and efforts are focused on helping the affected workers and their families, many of whom I’ve grown up with and am still close friends with.

As our economy slowly tries to recover, it is vital that our leaders provide support for those who have been hit hardest by these closures. I have continued to work with state, local, and union officials in an effort to bring new companies and new jobs to replace those that we’ve lost.

We have faced economic difficulties before and our communities have always met these challenges head on. Inspired by your efforts to support each other during these difficult economic times, I will continue to fight for pro-growth, commonsense economic reforms and serve as an advocate on your behalf. Knowing the spirit and strength of those for whom I work, I remain firmly optimistic that Southern Wisconsin’s best days are ahead.

For those who have been directly impacted by layoffs in Southern Wisconsin, the links below provide helpful online resources on available assistance programs. Please be advised that that while I am unable to use my position as a federal elected official to secure employment for my constituents, I have listed below resources that may assist you in your job search efforts. Should you need additional assistance in connecting with these local, state, and federal organizations, please call my office at 1-888-909-RYAN (7926).

Federal Job Resources

State Job Resources

County Job Resources

Other Assistance Resources