Mobile Office

Congressman Paul Ryan and his Mobile Office Coordinator, Jordan Dunn.
photo courtesy of CSI Media
Terry Mayer/CSI Media
 1st District Mobile Office

I realize that many 1st District residents may find it difficult to visit one of my permanent offices due to ailments, work schedules, or family commitments.

In an effort to better represent the needs and interests of all area residents, I have established a 1st District Mobile Office to serve as an extension of my other Constituent Services Centers (CSC). It provides resources to residents throughout the 1st District and serves communities without permanent Congressional offices.

Each week from Spring to Fall, the 1st District Mobile Office visits communities throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. A representative from my office is available to meet with area residents at each scheduled stop.

Click here for a current Mobile Office schedule, or call toll-free at 1-888-909-RYAN (7926).