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Students and Kids

An Artistic Discovery
The Congressional Art Competition

Congressional Internships

Page Program

Financial Aid for Students

Library of Congress: Today in History
Do You Know What Happened on This Date in History?

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Play games, learn how your U.S. Government works and its history, and your civic responsibilities.

Kids in the House
The Official Kids Page of the U.S. House of Representatives

The Official Kids' Portal for the U.S. Government

Kids Page - Central Inteligence Agency
Learn what it takes to be a spy, play games, and solve puzzles.

National Zoo
Meet the animals that live at our national zoo.

NASA Kids' Club
Learn about our missions to space, new technologies and the history of our space program.

National Children's Museum
Take a tour of the National Children's Museum.

EPA Environmental Kids' Club
explore your environment and learn how to protect it.

Smithsonian Education - Students
A place for kids to explore, discover, and learn.

The Congressional Award
The United States Congress' award for young Americans.