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  • Congressman Ryan Attends WisPolitics Q&A, Milwaukee Night in D.C.
    Sep 26, 2018  - On September 12, Wisconsin's First District Congressman and House Speaker Paul Ryan joined WisPolitics President Jeff Mayers in the Rayburn Room of the U.S. Capitol for a conversation that included questions on tax reform, his tenure as House Speaker, and the state of civil society. You can watch th... More
  • Congressman Ryan: 'The American People Are Better Off Now'
    Jul 13, 2018  - Summary: Earlier this week, Republican leaders talked about how the American people are Better Off Now because of the House Republican agenda that has ushered in an economic resurgence and strengthened communities. While there is more work to be done, Speaker Ryan shared how policies passed during t... More
  • 2017 Annual Report to Taxpayers
    Jan 11, 2018  - 2017 Annual Report to Taxpayers on the United States Government. More
  • Ryan Nominates Students for Military Service Academies
    Dec 22, 2017  - WASHINGTON — Today, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, announced the 16 students in the First District who would be receiving nominations for appointments to the U.S. service academies. Young men and women who wish to attend a U.S. service academy must obtain... More
  • Ryan and Gallagher Send Letter on Veteran Housing and Recovery Programs
    Jul 20, 2017  - WASHINGTON – Today Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, sent a letter along with Eighth District Congressman Mike Gallagher, to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, David S. Shulkin, regarding questions about VA grants under the Housing Provider... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses House accomplishments on Wisconsin Radio
    Jul 19, 2017  - WASHINGTON – This morning, Congressman Ryan joined WTAQ’s Jerry Bader, WTMJ’s Jeff Wagner, and WBEL’s Stan Milam to discuss the House’s focus on doing work for members’ constituents. Excerpts of these interviews follow: “The House has been active: We’ve passed two big down payments on the military; ... More
  • Employee town halls, business tours, and one inspiring meeting
    Jul 10, 2017  - Last Thursday and Friday, Paul traveled around Wisconsin’s First District—from Janesville to Racine to Burlington—to speak with his employers in southern Wisconsin, as he often does (check out these links). In case you missed it, here are the high points: Racine Journal Times: Tax reform is one of a... More
  • Back Home in Janesville
    Jun 2, 2017  - When Congress isn’t in session, Paul spends his time meeting with his employers in the First District. Sometimes this means taking questions from students or touring a business and participating in an employee Q&A. Other days, Paul holds office hours with constituents. Below are four photos from som... More
  • For Veterans: Addressing Opioid Abuse, Modernizing the Appeals Process, and More
    May 23, 2017  - Last week on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Paul remarked that “we’re busy doing our work,” here in the House. That remains true this week, with a focus on bipartisan bills to help our veterans. These initiatives may not garner a lot of attention in the press—there’s no conflict here—but they matter. Conside... More
  • Paul Listens to his Employers
    Mar 17, 2017  - Things have been busy in Washington: The House passed bipartisan bills to reform the VA, and a third House Committee, through an open and transparent process, approved the American Health Care Act, because seven years of Obamacare is enough. Paul hosted the Friends of Ireland Luncheon, complete with... More