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  • The Path to Prosperity Offers a Brighter Future
    Apr 1, 2014  - WASHINGTON—Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin introduced the fiscal year 2015 House Republican budget: The Path to Prosperity. Tomorrow, the House Budget Committee will mark up the proposal. This year’s proposal cuts $5.1 trillion in government spending. According to the C... More
  • Ryan to meet with constituents
    Mar 10, 2014  - Brian Passino | Kenosha News U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan addresses the Kenosha County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner at last month at Strawberry Creek. He is hosting listening session over the next two weeks with his constituents. By Terry Flores, Kenosha News U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will host li... More
  • Paul Ryan: GOP intra-party debate reflects "big tent"
    Mar 9, 2014  - On March 9th, Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with CBS’ Face the Nation about the ongoing provocation by Russia in the Ukraine and the vigorous debate occurring within the Republican Party about how to best offer solutions to the challenges we face. An unofficial transcript of the interview follows belo... More
  • Ryan: Obama’s Budget Has Gone ‘Farther to the Left’
    Mar 4, 2014  - On March 4, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with guest host Martha McCallum of Fox News’s The Kelly File about the President’s budget and the House Budget Committee’s report on the War on Poverty. Excerpts of Congressman Ryan’s responses follow. click to watch video The President’s Budget... More
  • Ryan Nominates First District Students for Service-Academy Appointments
    Feb 20, 2014  - JANESVILLE—Today, Congressman Paul Ryan announced he has nominated 15 students from the First Congressional District for the U.S. service academies. Every applicant to a service academy must obtain a nomination from an authorized source, such as a member of Congress. The admissions process is highly... More
  • Ryan: Troops Deserve Best Equipment on Battlefield and Secure Retirement Back Home
    Feb 11, 2014  - Following today’s vote on S. 25, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the following statement: “This bill undermines one part of last year’s bipartisan budget agreement. I’m glad it keeps the compensation reforms for federal employees and billions of dollars in commonsense c... More
  • Ryan on State of the Union: ‘I didn’t hear any new ideas’
    Jan 29, 2014  - Fox News No new ideas in the President’s State of the Union address: “Well, I didn’t hear any new ideas, that’s for sure. The only new idea I heard was when the President asked private employers to give all their employees a raise. I thought that was a little odd coming from the President. But knowi... More
  • Don't turn away from reforming military retirement benefits
    Jan 17, 2014  - Op-Ed by Gen. James L. Jones (USMC, retired), Adm. Gregory Johnson (USNA, retired), Major Gen. Arnold Punaro (USMC, retired) and Gen. Charles Wald (USAF, retired) The U.S. military is at a crossroads. We can either properly train and equip our future warriors or maintain overly generous benefits for... More
  • Defend military pension cuts: Our view
    Jan 2, 2014  - By The Editorial Board, USATODAY One of the best things Ronald Reagan did as president was to revamp federal pensions. Reagan foresaw the problems that unaffordable public benefits would cause over time — the same problems now afflicting many cities and states — and was determined to act. As a resul... More
  • 2013 Annual Report to Taxpayers
    Jan 2, 2014  - 2013 Annual Report to Taxpayers on the United States Government. More