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  • House Passes a Responsible, Balanced Budget
    Mar 21, 2013  - WASHINGTON—Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed H. Con. Res. 25, the budget resolution for fiscal year 2014. The House Republican budget stops spending money Washington doesn’t have and fosters a healthier economy to create jobs. This marks the third consecutive year House Republicans ... More
  • Paul Ryan on budget: Your move, Obama
    Mar 6, 2013  - By: David Nather, Politico Paul Ryan says it's time for President Barack Obama to get back in the game. In a short briefing with reporters Wednesday, Ryan — the House Budget Committee chairman and former vice presidential nominee — blasted Obama for not giving any indication of when he'll release hi... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses Washington’s out of control spending habits on the Jay Weber Show
    Mar 5, 2013  - Yesterday, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Jay Weber about the impact of the sequester and the need to offer solutions that balance the budget and pay down our debt. Podcast Highlights The President has the tools to mitigate the damaging effects of sequestration “What the President p... More
  • Paul Ryan on the sequester and the prospects for tax reform
    Feb 28, 2013  - Joe Kernan: Joining us for his first CNBC interview since the election, Representative Paul Ryan, also Chairman of the Budget Committee. Welcome back, It's great to see you, Mr. Chairman. Congressman Paul Ryan: Hey, Becky, Joe, and Andrew. Thanks for letting me back on your show. I appreciate it. J... More
  • Paul Ryan talks with Mark Belling about the State of the Union
    Feb 13, 2013  - Yesterday, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Mark Belling on News/Talk 1130 WISN. Podcast Highlights Rep. Ryan on what was missing from the President’s State of the Union address The one thing [the President] just cannot get around is that we have a debt crisis coming. We h... More
  • Ryan Nominates First District Students for Service Academy Appointments
    Feb 11, 2013  - JANESVILLE – Congressman Paul Ryan announced the nominations of a number of students from the First Congressional District for appointments to attend U.S. service academies. Part of the application process for young people interested in attending a U.S. service academy is obtaining a nomination from... More
  • Ryan talks Republican role in a divided government
    Jan 29, 2013  - BY ALISON BAUTER, Racine Journal Times RACINE — Republicans couldn’t capture the majority in November’s national elections, and now they’re left to do what they can — and, morally, what they must — to protect the nation’s financial future, according to U. S. Rep. Paul Ryan. That’s the role in which... More
  • 2012 Annual Report to Taxpayers
    Jan 2, 2013  - As taxpayers, we are shareholders of the federal government. Therefore, we deserve to know how the government collects and spends our money. The 2012 Annual Report to Taxpayers summarizes the fiscal and economic challenges our country faces in the year ahead. More
  • President Signs Vital Sequestration Transparence Act into Law
    Aug 7, 2012  - WASHINGTON – Earlier today, President Obama signed into law the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012. The legislation, which had strong bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate, requires the President to detail how the administration plans to implement the budget sequestration cuts sche... More
  • Ryan Statement on Senate Passage of the Sequestration Transparency Act
    Jul 25, 2012  - WASHINGTON - Earlier today, the United States Senate passed the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012. The legislation was passed by the House of Representatives earlier this month. The Sequestration Transparency Act requires President Obama to detail how the administration plans to implement the b... More