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  • The Case for Real Security and a Path to Prosperity
    Apr 5, 2011  - Congressman Paul Ryan’s Remarks at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) April 5, 2011 The Path to Prosperity Thank you Arthur, and thank you all for being here today. You know, the budget debates that are raging now in state capitals and here in Washington-especially the one we're having now in C... More
  • Chicago Tribune editorial: What real leaders do
    Apr 5, 2011  - Tuesday brought a welcome blast of truth-telling among the grown-ups on Capitol Hill. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., unveiled a politically risky proposal to curb federal deficits and pay down the national debt. As he and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, correctly stated, Amer... More
  • GOP Aim: Cut $4 Trillion
    Apr 4, 2011  - By NAFTALI BENDAVID Republicans will present this week a 2012 budget proposal that would cut more than $4 trillion from federal spending projected over the next decade and transform the Medicare health program for the elderly, a move that will dramatically reshape the budget debate in Washington. Th... More
  • Budget Battle to Be Followed by a Bigger Fight
    Apr 2, 2011  - By CARL HULSE WASHINGTON — Congress has yet to settle its first budget fight of the year but is already about to move on to an even more consequential fiscal clash. Even as the two parties struggled over the weekend to reach a deal on federal spending for the next six months and avert a government s... More
  • Budget Talks to Avoid Government Shutdown Resume
    Mar 31, 2011  - * Congressman Paul Ryan's segment begins at 2:24 More
  • Behind the Scenes: Budget Listening Session with Paul Ryan
    Mar 21, 2011  - Budget Listening Session Charts More
  • Ryan: No More Empty Promises
    Mar 16, 2011  - By Andrew Stiles In a particularly painful-to-watch moment from The Office, Michael Scott (the hopelessly inept boss played by Steve Carell) must tell an entire class of graduating high-school seniors that he will not be able pay their college tuition — having publicly pledged to do so years earlier... More
  • Paul Ryan details drivers of debt; Calls for honest leadership and real reform
    Mar 12, 2011  - More
  • Charting a path to prosperity
    Mar 10, 2011  - By PAUL RYAN When it comes to the generation-defining challenge of our time - the explosive growth of our national debt - the president has failed to lead. His budget proposal doubles the debt, raises taxes by $1.6 trillion and locks in spending at historically high levels. We can do better. The Ame... More
  • Paul Ryan: No More Empty Promises; Real Security Requires Reform
    Mar 10, 2011  - More