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  • Paul Ryan on House Passage of the FY2013 Path to Prosperity Budget
    Mar 29, 2012  - Paul Ryan on the passage of the FY2013 Path to Prosperity Budget, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives today. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s floor statement follows: Mr. Chairman, we are bearing witness to history this week. Across the street, we are witnessing what could be t... More
  • The Ryan budget plan and a tale of two parties
    Mar 29, 2012  - Rep. Paul Ryan discusses his budget plan, its different fates in the House and full Congress and what it says about the two parties. Watch Video More
  • Conservatism and the Common Good
    Mar 28, 2012  - by Peter Wehner In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, two liberal Catholics, Bryan Massingale and John Gehring, wrote a column asserting that Representative Paul Ryan’s budget “fails the moral test of his own faith tradition and disregards our nation’s responsibility to care for the most vulnerable.” T... More
  • Ryan and the Right
    Mar 27, 2012  - It's no surprise that the White House has denounced Paul Ryan's new House budget as the end of welfare-state civilization. The puzzle is why some conservatives are taking shots at the best chance in decades for serious government reform. A pair of freshman Republicans, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and Ju... More
  • Paul Ryan: Obamacare Will Bankrupt US
    Mar 27, 2012  - By: Michelle Fox, Producer, The Kudlow Report Obama’s federal health care law, which is now front of the U.S. Supreme Court, will bankrupt the U.S. and destroy the country’s health care system, Rep. Paul Ryan, (R) Wis., told CNBC Tuesday. “It vastly underestimates how many employers will actually dr... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses pro-growth tax reforms and paying down our debt
    Mar 26, 2012  - Highlights The Critical Importance of Paying off Our Debt & Growing Our Economy: It’s a Path to Prosperity--which means it gets our budget on a path to balance and our debt paid off. It takes time to do that, but the key critical point here is—we know a debt crisis is coming in America just like Eu... More
  • Paul Ryan talks about pre-empting a debt crisis and the choices of two futures
    Mar 25, 2012  - Highlights Tackling the Debt Threat: We’re putting the budget on the path to balance and pay the debt off. We want to avoid a debt crisis. The President’s budget brings us closer to a debt crisis. Pro-Growth Tax Reform: We’re proposing to keep revenues where they are, but to clear out all the speci... More
  • Ryan on giving seniors power in Medicare & states flexibility on Medicaid
    Mar 25, 2012  - Highlights Attacking Poverty by Expanding Opportunity: Is the goal to treat the symptoms of poverty or to attack the root causes of poverty? We’re advancing welfare reform that gets people onto lives of self-sufficiency, that’s why we couple this with job training programs and work requirements. We... More
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op-ed: Path to Prosperity offers best way forward.
    Mar 24, 2012  - By Paul Ryan On Wednesday, the House Budget Committee advanced "The Path to Prosperity," a budget for the federal government for Fiscal Year 2013 and moved one step closer to giving our nation a long overdue choice of two futures. "The Path to Prosperity," which builds on reforms and bipartisan solu... More
  • By tackling entitlement costs, Paul Ryan asks Americans to choose their nation's future
    Mar 22, 2012  - An editorial by the Chicago Tribune "This plan of action is about putting an end to empty promises from a bankrupt government." —U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on his 10-year blueprint for federal spending, taxes and debt. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan announces his budget proposal Tuesday... More