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  • Can Paul Ryan sell immigration reform to conservatives?
    Jun 26, 2013  - By Caren Bohan, Reuters Paul Ryan, the Republican congressman and former vice-presidential candidate best known for his war on spending, is emerging as his party's leading champion of immigration reform in the U.S. House of Representatives. With Senate passage of a sweeping immigration bill imminent... More
  • Paul Ryan slams Obama Administration on Snowden hunt, IRS targeting
    Jun 25, 2013  - Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss the ongoing investigation into targeting by the IRS and efforts to reform our broken immigration system. Video of Ryan’s interview is accessible here. A transcript of the interview follows. click to play video C... More
  • Ryan: Snowden Must Be Brought to Justice
    Jun 24, 2013  - By Melanie Batley, Newsmax.com Edward Snowden's leak about the National Security Agency phone and Internet surveillance program was an "embarrassment" and the U.S. must do all it can to bring him to justice, according to Rep. Raul Ryan said Monday. "Facts are facts. He broke the law," the Wisconsin ... More
  • Ryan Gives Update on IRS Investigation
    Jun 20, 2013  - WASHINGTON—Congressman Paul Ryan appeared on Fox and Friends to give an update on the Ways and Means Committee’s ongoing investigation into the IRS scandal. He also discussed efforts in the House of Representatives to reform our broken immigration system. Excerpts of the interview follow. Seeing the... More
  • Ryan Talks Immigration Reform with Laura Ingraham
    Jun 19, 2013  - WASHINGTON—Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Laura Ingraham about the need for immigration reform. Ryan stressed the importance of securing the border and said that the House will continue to develop its own proposals. Excerpts of the interview follow. Demanding Real Border... More
  • Back in the Fray
    Jun 18, 2013  - By Kyle Peterson, The American Standard It would be understandable if Paul Ryan didn’t want to stick his neck out just now. As the GOP vice-presidential nominee last year, Ryan spent four months on a whistle-stop tour of the country, shaking hands, answering questions, and speaking at campaign ralli... More
  • Ryan’s Hope
    Jun 14, 2013  - BY FRED BARNES, The Weekly Standard Paul Ryan has been pro-immigration since he worked for Jack Kemp and Bill Bennett two decades ago at Empower America, a now-defunct conservative think tank. When National Review ran a cover story, “Why Kemp and Bennett Are Wrong on Immigration” in 1994, Ryan wrote... More
  • Ryan Dissects NSA, IRS, and Immigration Reform
    Jun 13, 2013  - WASHINGTON—On The Charlie Sykes Show, Congressman Paul Ryan discussed the immigration legislation currently before Congress. He also gave an update on the ongoing investigation of the Internal Revenue Service and the National Security Agency’s surveillance practices. Excerpts of Ryan’s responses fol... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses the principles of immigration reform
    Jun 12, 2013  - WASHINGTON—Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan took part in the National Association of Manufacturers’ town-hall event on immigration reform. Ryan joined NAM president and CEO Jay Timmons, economist Doug Holtz-Eakin, and others to discuss how immigration reform could benefit businesses ... More
  • Ryan comments on progress by bipartisan group of House members
    Jun 6, 2013  - WASHINGTON – First District Congressman Paul Ryan offered the following statement regarding the ongoing efforts by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to reform our immigration system. “I applaud the bipartisan group of House members for their work on immigration reform. Both parties agree that reform i... More