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  • Paul Ryan Responds to President's Budget Proposal
    Feb 2, 2015  - WASHINGTON — Today, Wisconsin's First District Congressman Paul Ryan issued the following statement in response to President Obama's Fiscal Year 2016 budget proposal. "For six years the president has pursued higher taxes and higher spending, and our economy has paid the price. This budget is simply... More
  • Rep. Paul Ryan calls GOP’s invitation to Netanyahu ‘absolutely’ appropriate
    Feb 1, 2015  - By Josh Hicks, Washington Post Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Sunday rejected the notion that House Republicans stepped out of line by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress without informing the White House. "Do I think it’s wholly appropriate for the Speaker of the Ho... More
  • Paul Ryan: A detailed plan for Congress to act on immigration
    Nov 19, 2014  - By The Washington Times Inside the House Republican caucus, Rep. Paul Ryan is the "idea's guy," unafraid to get a conversation going by putting forth fresh and concrete solutions to the nation's most pressing problems. He's done it for the federal budget, for reforming Medicare and most recently for... More
  • Paul Ryan Discusses ISIS, the Budget, and the Slow Recovery
    Sep 15, 2014  - Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with WRJN’s Curt Vollman about the need to defeat ISIS, the federal budget process, and the challenges of a slow economic recovery. Highlights Confronting the ISIS Threat "ISIS is very well organized and far more sophisticated than anything we'v... More
  • Ryan: Customization key to fight poverty
    Jul 25, 2014  - MSNBC - The Daily Rundown Chuck Todd: Joining me now, Wisconsin Republican and Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan. Good morning to you sir. Paul Ryan: Good morning Chuck. Chuck Todd: Give me an idea of what you think would be the ideal way a state might use your idea, your plan here, ... More
  • Paul Ryan Talks the Border, the IRS, and Poverty
    Jul 9, 2014  - Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Fox & Friends about President Obama’s recent request for funding to secure the border, the IRS investigation, and the House Budget Committee’s hearing on working with families in need. Paul Ryan: Good morning Steve, Brian, Anna. How are you doing this morning? Steve ... More
  • Ryan on the President’s use of Executive Orders & a security-first approach to immigration reform
    Feb 2, 2014  - ABC News This Week George Stephanopoulos: And now let’s bring in our headliner, top Republican Congressman, former candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan. Thank you for joining us this morning Congressman. Lots to talk about: the follow up from the State of the Union, the legislative battles ahead,... More
  • Ryan’s take on State of the Union
    Jan 29, 2014  - By Bob Hague, Wisconsin Radio Network Congressman Paul Ryan critiques the State of the Union address. The Wisconsin Republican takes issue with President Barack Obama’s decision to give federal contract workers a raise in their minimum wage through an executive order. “There’s a little thing called... More
  • Rep. Paul Ryan: "Presidents don't write laws"
    Jan 28, 2014  - CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama put the finishing touches on his State of the Union address Monday night. The speech is creating controversy even before he's delivered it. His advisors said Tuesday he plans to tell Congress he will use his executive powers to ... More
  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan interviews Congressman Paul Ryan
    Jan 14, 2014  - Cardinal Dolan: One of the things that I admired about Congressman Ryan: He has made a promise to himself and his family that, except when there’s an extraordinary reason, he will always leave Washington on a Friday and go home and be with the family on the weekends. So admired here, are you still ... More