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  • The Democrats’ Spending Spree
    Feb 3, 2011  - The Democrats’ Spending Spree More
  • 2010 Annual Report to Taxpayers
    Jan 6, 2011  - 2010 Annual Report to Taxpayers More
  • Alarm over U.S. debt creates 'window' for tough choices
    Nov 29, 2010  - RACINE, Wis. — If Americans aren't prepared for the hard choices needed to control the national debt, most voters here must have missed the memo. The local Republican congressman, Paul Ryan, campaigned for re-election by calling for reductions in the growth of Medicare and Social Security. He won wi... More
  • Honoring Captain Rhett W. Schiller
    Sep 15, 2010  - I am proud to support this piece of legislation and the Village of Waterford's efforts to designate a local post office in Captain Schiller's honor and recognize the sacrifices he, his family, and all service members have made and continue to make at home and overseas. More
  • Ryan Fights Higher Taxes, Reckless Spending with Budget Substitute
    Mar 13, 2008  - WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan, the Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, presented a budget alternative for Fiscal Year 2009 today. Congressman Ryan’s budget alternative would achieve balance by 2012 without raising taxes. It repeals the Alternative Minimum Ta... More
  • Ryan speaks out against record tax hikes, increased spending, and the absence of entitlement reform in the Democrats’ budget proposal
    Mar 5, 2008  - Click the link on the right to watch video. More
  • Ryan Introduces Employee Verification Legislation
    Feb 28, 2008  - WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan introduced legislation providing enforcement tools to ensure a legal workforce and end document fraud and identity theft. The bill, known as the New Employee Verification Act, offers a secure and efficient way to protect employers from hi... More
  • Ryan’s Alternative Budget Balances Without Tax Hikes, Instills Fiscal Discipline
    Mar 29, 2007  - WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan, the Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, proposed a fiscally responsible alternative budget resolution that garnered substantial support when it came to a vote today in the U.S. House of Representatives. Ryan’s federal budget pl... More
  • Ryan Statement on Rumsfeld Departure
    Nov 8, 2006  - JANESVILLE – Below is Congressman Paul Ryan’s statement regarding the President’s announcement today that U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will be stepping down, and that the President will nominate Robert Gates to replace him. “The President’s decision to bring new leadership to the Defens... More
  • House Passes Terrorist Surveillance Bill
    Sep 29, 2006  - WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan voted yesterday in favor of legislation to update our nation’s foreign intelligence surveillance laws to make it easier to monitor terrorist communications and protect our country from attacks. The House passed this measure – H.R. 5825, t... More