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  • The Budget Resolution for FY2010- Motion to Instruct Conferees
    Apr 22, 2009  - Earlier this month, Republicans offered the American people a budget that would not only fund our priorities, but also support economic growth and job creation, get Federal spending and debt under control, and begin critical reforms to our largest – and least sustainable entitlement programs. And th... More
  • Fighting on Behalf of the Taxpayers, Ryan Secures a Better Deal for Wisconsin
    Oct 3, 2008  - WASHINGTON – With panic on Wall Street and gridlock in Washington, Wisconsin’s 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan successfully fought on behalf of Wisconsin workers and Wisconsin taxpayers to secure a much improved economic rescue package. Ryan remains outraged at the fact that Americans find themse... More
  • Ryan’s addresses the differences in philosophy between Democrats and Republicans regarding our fiscal future in his opening statement of the budget debate
    Mar 12, 2008  - Click the link on the right to view video. More
  • Ryan speaks out about the dangers the entitlement crisis poses to economy and the programs themselves at the close of his opening statement
    Mar 12, 2008  - Click the link on the right to view video. More
  • Ryan’s closing statement in the budget debate details the impact that the largest tax increase in American history will have on taxpayers and the benefits of a one year moratorium on earmarks
    Mar 12, 2008  - Click the link on the right to view video. More
  • Ryan speaks out against record tax hikes, increased spending, and the absence of entitlement reform in the Democrats’ budget proposal
    Mar 5, 2008  - Click the link on the right to watch video. More
  • Deadline Approaches for Students Seeking Nominations to U.S. Service Academies
    Oct 13, 2006  - First District Congressman Paul Ryan today reminded students and eligible military personnel in the First Congressional District who seek a nomination to the U.S. Air Force, Military, Naval, or Merchant Marine Academies that his Janesville office must receive their completed applications by November... More
  • Constitution Day Reminder: Copies of Pocket Constitution Available
    Sep 18, 2006  - WASHINGTON – Today, as schools around the nation observe Constitution Day by teaching about the U.S. Constitution, Congressman Paul Ryan reminded residents of Wisconsin’s First District that congressional offices have a limited number of free pocket-sized copies of the Constitution available upon re... More
  • Ryan Statement on Stem Cell Votes
    Jul 18, 2006  - WASHINGTON – Following today’s Senate passage of three bills related to stem cell research, the House of Representatives voted to approve one of these bills, which it had not yet considered: S. 3504, the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act, which would prohibit the buying or selling of tissue from human f... More
  • Carthage College Commencement Remarks
    May 21, 2006  - Thank you. Prior to preparing for this speech, I had the opportunity to visit with some Carthage graduates last Saturday at a dinner here in Kenosha . I remember thinking to myself: “This is great, I’ll get some insight as to what these students are thinking so I can craft a memorable and meaningful... More