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  • Wall Street Journal editorial: The Ryan Resolution
    Apr 6, 2011  - Well, so much for dodging entitlements. This year's trendy complaint, shared by the left and the tea party, that Republicans hadn't tackled the toughest budget issues was blown away yesterday with the release of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's budget for 2012. We'll now separate the real reformers... More
  • Moment of Truth
    Apr 5, 2011  - By DAVID BROOKS It was a season of fiscal perestroika. Last fall, the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission released a bold report on how to avoid an economic catastrophe. For a few weeks, the think tanks and government offices were alive with proposals to reduce debt and reform entitlements, the tax co... More
  • The Case for Real Security and a Path to Prosperity
    Apr 5, 2011  - Congressman Paul Ryan’s Remarks at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) April 5, 2011 The Path to Prosperity Thank you Arthur, and thank you all for being here today. You know, the budget debates that are raging now in state capitals and here in Washington-especially the one we're having now in C... More
  • Fact Sheet: Interim Spending and Revenue Committee Allocations and Budget Aggregates for FY 2011 and for the 5-Year Period Covering FY 2011-FY2015
    Feb 11, 2011  - Fact Sheet: Interim Spending and Revenue Committee Allocations and Budget Aggregates for FY 2011 and for the 5-Year Period Covering FY 2011-FY2015 More
  • The Democrats’ Spending Spree
    Feb 3, 2011  - The Democrats’ Spending Spree More
  • 2010 Annual Report to Taxpayers
    Jan 6, 2011  - 2010 Annual Report to Taxpayers More
  • Paul Ryan on hope for bipartisanship: Obama is my President too
    Nov 15, 2010  - I hope we can get a dent on spending. I hope he can decide, "I don't want to use these issues as political weapons. I want to get some stuff done." I hope there is some area for compromise. More
  • Meeting Our Challenges With Serious Reform
    Dec 11, 2008  - Wisconsin faces unprecedented economic challenges as we look ahead to 2009. The effects of our recession continue to hit workers and families throughout the state, and Wisconsin farmers are no exception. Just as Wisconsin farmers rely on the demand and vibrancy of the global economy, our economic st... More
  • Fighting on Behalf of the Taxpayers, Ryan Secures a Better Deal for Wisconsin
    Oct 3, 2008  - WASHINGTON – With panic on Wall Street and gridlock in Washington, Wisconsin’s 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan successfully fought on behalf of Wisconsin workers and Wisconsin taxpayers to secure a much improved economic rescue package. Ryan remains outraged at the fact that Americans find themse... More
  • Farm Bill Reform Leaders Criticize Conference Report as Absent Meaningful Reform, Urge Rejection of the Bill
    May 14, 2008  - WASHINGTON, DC – Four leading farm bill reform advocates in the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Reps. Ron Kind (D-WI), Paul Ryan (R-WI), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) today criticized the farm bill conference report as a missed opportunity for the serious reform that would make o... More