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  • How we can fix U.S. energy policy
    May 4, 2008  - As the political finger pointing begins in Washington, D.C., Congress would serve itself well by looking in the mirror. Traveling around Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District, I routinely hear about how high gas prices are reducing people's paychecks. Well, last week in Janesville, more than 750 pe... More
  • Blame Congress for Inflation
    May 1, 2008  - Yesterday, the Federal Reserve lowered the fed-funds rate to 2%, its lowest level since late 2004. In a nod to growing inflation fears, the Fed said "it will be necessary to continue to monitor inflation developments carefully." But if we really want to do something about inflation, Congress should ... More
  • Ryan Announces Latest Recipient of Budget Boondoggle Award: Subsidies for Manhattan “Farmers”
    Apr 3, 2008  - WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan today announced the recipient of the latest Budget Boondoggle Award. The award, an homage to the late Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire’s Golden Fleece Award, is intended to highlight the most egregious, wasteful, and unnecessary spendin... More
  • Members, Groups Protest Misplaced Farm Bill Spending Priorities That Put Proven Conservation Programs at Risk
    Apr 3, 2008  - WASHINGTON, DC – Four leading farm bill reform advocates in the U.S. House of Representatives and two leading national conservation groups today formally objected to a proposal last week by farm bill negotiators to eliminate nearly $1 billion from conservation programs to provide more money for a pe... More
  • Farm Bill Passes House with No Real Reform
    Jul 27, 2007  - WASHINGTON – First District Congressman Paul Ryan today voted against H.R. 2419, the Farm Bill Extension Act, expressing disappointment in the deeply flawed legislation which delivers no real reform to address the problems that plague the current agriculture subsidy system. The House passed the Farm... More