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  • The 2011 HUMAN EVENTS Conservative of the Year: Paul Ryan
    Dec 22, 2011  - The editors of HUMAN EVENTS are proud to name Rep. Paul Ryan​ as “Conservative of the Year” for 2011. The Wisconsin Republican was a favorite from the very beginning of the nomination process, not only with our editorial board but with our readers as well, for his relentless commitment to proposing... More
  • Reps. Ryan and Ribble on Fixing the Broken Budget Process
    Dec 8, 2011  - Podcast Highlights Rep. Ryan on the Constitutionality of H.R. 3521: “We wrote this bill with the lawyer who argued against the line-item veto before the Supreme Court in 1996. I actually agree with that Supreme Court ruling, which says Congress should not delegate its lawmaking power to the Executi... More
  • Rep. Ryan on Fox News: Pushing Back on the Politics of Division and Class Warfare
    Oct 26, 2011  - GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Tonight, Representative Paul Ryan comes out swinging at President Obama. He accuses the president of preying on the emotions of fear, envy and resentment. In a blistering speech today, Congressman Ryan said the president is using divisive rhetoric to sell his jobs... More
  • Paul Ryan: Let's Advance Upward Mobility & Economic Opportunity
    Oct 9, 2011  - Highlights - Congressman Paul Ryan on NBC's Meet the Press "On the class warfare, there are a few points I would simply make if you'll allow me. Number one, the math just doesn't work. Raising all these taxes on small businesses doesn't work. It's not just taxing the movie star, the baseball player... More
  • Solyndra Deal Violates 'Fundamental Laws of Economics'
    Sep 22, 2011  - This month, as President Obama pressed Congress to pass another misguided “stimulus” proposal, the consequences of the administration’s first $800 billion stimulus law are becoming painfully clear. High unemployment and anemic growth are serving as constant reminders of the president’s broken promis... More
  • Restoring the Rule of Law
    Sep 15, 2011  - Thanks very much, Larry, for your kind introduction. It’s always a pleasure for me to speak to Hillsdale folks. Your mission here at the Kirby Center is a great example of what Hillsdale College is all about – that is, in the words of James Madison, “liberty and learning, each leaning on the other ... More
  • Paul Ryan Reacts to President Obama's New Jobs Plan
    Sep 9, 2011  - More
  • Shared Scarcity versus Renewed Prosperity
    May 16, 2011  - Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Paul Ryan Thank you so much, Anne, for the kind introduction. I want to thank you all for inviting me to speak. It was especially gracious of you to host me, even though I’m a Packers fan and I assume most of you are Bears fans. But that doesn’t mean we can’t wor... More
  • Barack Obama vs. Paul Ryan - The House GOP Budget Plan
    May 9, 2011  - More
  • Racine Listening Session
    Apr 29, 2011  - More