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  • Honoring a local hero: WWII vet receives medals after 70-year wait
    Jun 30, 2014  - By Jake Magee, Janesville Gazette JANESVILLE--Weepy daughters dabbed at wet eyes Monday as Rep. Paul Ryan awarded local World War II veteran Ted Shaw, 93, a Bronze Star Medal that he earned 70 years ago. Shaw received the award in downtown Janesville's Old Towne Mall. World War II veterans who earne... More
  • Wisconsin State Journal: Bipartisan bill should improve health care
    Jun 25, 2014  - By Wisconsin State Journal Editorial Board Getting Republicans and Democrats to disagree is easy, and that goes double when talk turns to health care reform. They can’t even agree on whether to call it the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. But Wisconsin’s congressional delegation recently demonstra... More
  • Lois Lerner and the IRS' crisis of credibility
    Jun 24, 2014  - By the Racine Journal Times Editorial Board “I am sitting here listening to this testimony. I just — I don’t believe it. That’s your problem. Nobody believes you.” U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said that Friday to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the IRS’s... More
  • Paul Ryan’s Finest Hour
    Jun 21, 2014  - Editorial of The New York Sun Call it Paul Ryan’s finest hour. It’s a video of the congressman from Wisconsin confronting the Commissioner of Internal Revenue over the missing Lois Lerner emails. It’s easy to see why the clip is going viral on the Web. It is one of those rare moments when Congress l... More
  • Paul Ryan to IRS Commissioner on "Lost" Emails: I Do Not Believe You, No One Believes You
    Jun 20, 2014  - By Katie Pavlich, Townhall.com During a contentious House Ways and Means Committee hearing on Capitol Hill Friday, former vice presidential nominee and Republican Rep. Paul Ryan told IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, "Your problem is, no one believes you." Koskinen tried to assure lawmakers the IRS is... More
  • Paul Ryan calls out Obama, China in foreign policy speech
    Jun 11, 2014  - By Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Washington — Accusing President Barack Obama of weakness on the world stage, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan argued Wednesday for a military buildup, for a more vigorous foreign policy vision, and against a U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan "before we... More
  • Paul Ryan: U.S. Must Show Strength in Foreign Affairs
    Jun 11, 2014  - By Michael Cipriano, Real Clear Politics Rep. Paul Ryan, considered a potential presidential candidate in 2016, made a forceful call for the nation to show stronger leadership -- and thus renew its credibility on the world stage -- in a foreign policy speech Wednesday. Speaking to the Center for a N... More
  • Ryan: Trade deals good for Wis., laments Obama administration's 'ambivalence'
    May 5, 2014  - Fresh off a trip to Asia as part of a nine-person congressional delegation, House Budget Chair Paul Ryan says tentative deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are crucial to Wisconsin’s economy. Representing about 40 percent of global GDP, the TPP “could be a huge win for us, especially for Wiscon... More
  • Ryan outlines philosophies on poverty
    May 5, 2014  - BY Deneen Smith, Kenosha News U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is focusing on poverty in recent months, looking to bring a focus to anti-poverty programs that fit with his small-government philosophy. KEVIN POIRIER | Kenosha News U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, shown during a listening session at the Snap-on Inc. headquart... More
  • Michalia Swanson wins second Congressional art award
    Apr 29, 2014  - Racine Lutheran High School student Michalia Swanson is congratulated by U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan for her winning artwork “Our Nation’s Future." JANESVILLE — During an awards ceremony at the Olde Towne Mall in Janesville on April 12, First District Congressman Paul Ryan announced that the winner ... More