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  • Putting Congress in Charge on Trade
    Apr 22, 2015  - By Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz The United States is making headway on two historic trade agreements, one with 11 countries on the Pacific Rim and another with America’s friends in Europe. These two agreements alone would mean greater access to a billion customers for American manufacturers, farmers and ... More
  • A chance to strengthen Medicare
    Mar 25, 2015  - By Paul Ryan Medicare is going broke, but this week we have a chance to start fixing it. And we can do it — with bipartisan support — by repealing a clumsy payment system that has threatened seniors' access to care and vexed Congress for nearly two decades. Here's the problem: In 1997, Congress tri... More
  • Ryan Talks Israeli Elections and Republican Budget with Fox & Friends
    Mar 18, 2015  - WASHINGTON – Earlier today, First District Congressman Paul Ryan appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss Prime Minister Netanyahu’s victory in the Israeli elections and the recently released House Republican Budget for fiscal year 2016. On the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Congressma... More
  • Congressman Ryan on Fox News: 'We have an obligation to offer an alternative' to Obamacare
    Mar 3, 2015  - WASHINGTON — This morning, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke to Fox News about the “off-ramp from Obamacare” that he, along with Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline (R-MN), proposed this morning in a Wall Street Journa... More
  • An Off-Ramp From ObamaCare
    Mar 2, 2015  - The following was written by Republicans John Kline, Paul Ryan and Fred Upton, chairmen, respectively, of the House committees on Education and Workforce, Ways and Means, and Energy and Commerce. On Wednesday the Supreme Court will take on yet another legal challenge to the president’s health-care ... More
  • Give Congress a Say in Trade Talks
    Feb 10, 2015  - By Paul Ryan Both parties agree we can expand opportunity in our country by expanding American exports. In fact, the U.S. is negotiating a number of important trade agreements right now. And to make sure they’re successful, my colleagues and I have called for Congress to put in place trade promotio... More
  • Paul Ryan Speaks on The Rule of Law and the Global Economy
    Feb 5, 2015  - WASHINGTON — Today, Wisconsin's First District Congressman Paul Ryan delivered the following remarks at the Washington International Trade Association on his vision for expanded U.S. trade. Here are his remarks, as prepared for delivery. "Hi, everybody. I want to thank Steve for the introduction. An... More
  • We're offering an agenda to empower Americans, restore optimism
    Feb 3, 2015  - By Paul Ryan I decided not to run for president for a simple reason: Our economy — our country — is in jeopardy, and I have an opportunity to do something about it right where I am. The way I see it, the American idea — that the condition of your birth doesn't determine the outcome of your life — is... More
  • Paul Ryan on release of Index of Economic Freedom
    Jan 27, 2015  - WASHINGTON - Today, First District Congressman Paul Ryan delivered remarks recognizing the release of the Heritage Foundation's 21st edition of the Index of Economic Freedom. The Index analyzes the economies of 186 nations and grades them on various factors, including trade, spending, regulations, c... More
  • Obamacare is beyond repair
    Jan 6, 2015  - You can't fix a fundamentally broken law; you've got to replace it. That's why Congress can't save Obamacare with a few tweaks, despite what its defenders say. No quick fix can correct the main flaw: The law takes power away from patients and hands it to bureaucrats. As millions of Americans have le... More