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  • A Firm Step Forward
    Dec 11, 2013  - By Paul Ryan Yesterday, Senator Patty Murray and I introduced the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. It’s the first budget agreement of its kind since 1986, and I’m proud to support it. This bill will reduce the deficit by $23 billion. It won’t raise taxes. And it will cut spending in a smarter way. It ... More
  • Inside the proposed bipartisan budget deal: Rep. Paul Ryan - It 'moves the ball in the right direction'
    Dec 10, 2013  - This is a rush transcript from Fox News' "On the Record," December 10, 2013. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a FOX News alert. A bipartisan budget deal on Capitol Hill. House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan and Senate Budget Com... More
  • Ryan Opening Statement: Budget-Conference Committee
    Oct 30, 2013  - Before I recognize Chairman Murray, I want to share a few thoughts. You’ll notice there are three senators for every congressman—so it’s an even match. I like to think quality beats quantity. But in all seriousness, we’ve got some important work ahead of us. And it’s not going to be easy. So today, ... More
  • CNBC: Ryan on Obamacare’s rocky rollout and the budget-conference committee
    Oct 29, 2013  - Earlier this week at the Jack Kemp Foundation Dinner in Washington, D.C., Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow about Obamacare’s rocky rollout and Wednesday’s meeting of the budget-conference committee. Video of the interview, which aired last night on CNBC... More
  • Ryan discusses Obamacare’s rollout and the budget conference
    Oct 28, 2013  - Earlier today, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with WLIP’s Bill Lawrence about the upcoming budget-conference-committee meeting and the botched rollout of HealthCare.Gov. Excerpts of the interview follow. Obamacare’s bungled rollout: “We have been sitting in these oversight hearings on Ob... More
  • Paul Ryan Details Rejected House Offer
    Oct 14, 2013  - In an interview with WTMJ's Charlie Sykes on Monday, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) detailed the provisions of the House Republicans' offer, which the White House rejected over the weekend. Highlights "On Thursday, John Boehner, myself and other leaders of the House met with the President, in a len... More
  • Paul Ryan: Here's How We Can End This Stalemate
    Oct 9, 2013  - By PAUL RYAN The president is giving Congress the silent treatment. He's refusing to talk, even though the federal government is about to hit the debt ceiling. That's a shame—because this doesn't have to be another crisis. It could be a breakthrough. We have an opportunity here to pay down the natio... More
  • Paul Ryan: Obama, White House showing 'arrogance of power,' trying to change subject with 'phony scandals' narrative
    Jul 31, 2013  - This is a rush transcript from "On the Record," July 31, 2013. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Why do President Obama and his administration insist on sticking with the "phony scandal" script? Congressman Paul Ryan joins us. Nice to see ... More
  • Paul Ryan: Obama’s 'grand bargain' for Big Business
    Jul 30, 2013  - Today, in a speech in Chattanooga, Tenn, President Obama said he's interested in tax reform for corporations -- but not for families or small businesses. Once again, the president is playing favorites. It isn't the first time. He wants to give some businesses relief from ObamaCare. But he refuses to... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses House effort to delay Obamacare
    Jul 15, 2013  - Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with WLIP’s Bill Lawrence on the action being taken by the House of Representatives to delay the harmful effects of Obamacare on families and businesses. A read out of the interview follows. Paul Ryan: Well, as you know, the Obama administration... More