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  • Ryan on the ‘Arrogance’ of Big Government
    May 29, 2013  - On Fox News’s The O'Reilly Factor, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan discussed the ongoing investigations of the IRS and the need for accountability in the executive branch. Excerpts of the interview follow. The Latest on the IRS Investigation: “There are four things we know right now... More
  • On Benghazi and IRS scandal, Ryan demands accountability
    May 20, 2013  - WASHINGTON—Yesterday morning, in an exclusive interview with Fox News Sunday, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan called on the Obama administration to be honest with the American people. He discussed the discriminatory practices at the Internal Revenue Service and the attacks in Benghazi. On Friday, at... More
  • Ryan Questions IRS Commissioner
    May 17, 2013  - At a House Ways and Means Committee hearing, Congressman Paul Ryan questioned outgoing acting Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Steven Miller on the IRS’ practice of discriminating against applicants for tax-exempt status based on the political leanings of the applicants. A transcript of Congres... More
  • Rep. Paul Ryan: We're not getting straight answers on IRS
    May 17, 2013  - One flashpoint at Friday’s House hearing on IRS targeting of conservative political groups seeking tax-exempt status occurred between acting agency chief Steven Miller and Republican Rep. Paul Ryan. The Wisconsin Republican and former vice presidential nominee was frustrated that Miller, who was br... More
  • Ryan answers questions from Wisconsinites on immigration reform, the President’s health care law, and the IRS scandal
    May 17, 2013  - Last night, Congressman Paul Ryan held a telephone town hall meeting with residents of Racine County to discuss legislation before Congress and answer questions regarding the federal government. Excerpts from Congressman Ryan’s responses follow. Overreach by the IRS and the cost of maintaining a com... More
  • Paul Ryan on Benghazi, IRS and DOJ Snooping the House
    May 16, 2013  - Hugh Hewitt: Thank you. I want to begin with what my colleague, Carol Platt Liebau at Townhall.com, has pinned as the key thing thus far in the IRS scandal. On August 4th, 2011, Obama appointee Williams Wilkins, who is Chief Counsel of the IRS, was briefed on the political targeting of conservative ... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses the sequester and the President’s health care law with Brian Thomas
    May 7, 2013  - Highlights The President’s health care law fails to deliver on promises: “It is one big empty promise. We have got empty promises with respect to Medicare’s pending bankruptcy and we have plans to fix that and make it work better. But Obamacare is a series of empty promises stacked upon each other.... More
  • Ryan discusses immigration reform & his upcoming listening sessions with Jay Weber
    Apr 24, 2013  - Podcast Highlights Previewing upcoming listening sessions in Southern WI: “I want to hear what people have to say. Look, I represent the First District and that means I want my employers to come tell me what’s on their minds. We have a lot of pots on the stove and a lot of things moving.” Ongoing d... More
  • Congressman Paul Ryan talks about President Obama’s budget proposal
    Apr 11, 2013  - The Chris Stigall Show, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT Highlights Unpacking the lack of deficit reduction in the President’s budget: “In this budget, he claims $1.8 trillion of deficit reduction, but if you take out all of the budget gimmicks and the accounting tricks, it winnows down to a paltry $119 billion... More
  • House Passes a Responsible, Balanced Budget
    Mar 21, 2013  - WASHINGTON—Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed H. Con. Res. 25, the budget resolution for fiscal year 2014. The House Republican budget stops spending money Washington doesn’t have and fosters a healthier economy to create jobs. This marks the third consecutive year House Republicans ... More