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  • Ryan: Foxconn deal is a game-changer for Wisconsin
    Aug 5, 2017  - Ryan: Foxconn deal is a game-changer for Wisconsin Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/4/2017 By now, you have likely heard the good news. The electronics giant Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin, with plans to add 13,000 jobs, in total, in our region. This is an absolute game-changer. It means more good-payin... More
  • Obamacare Turns 3: There's a Better Way
    Sep 30, 2016  - Obamacare Turns 3: There's a Better Way Congressman Paul Ryan Right Wisconsin September 30, 2016 Three years ago tomorrow, the Obamacare exchanges opened for business. Despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act had been signed into law over three years earlier, the exchanges were rife with techni... More
  • Ryan op-ed: Let's take decisive action on opioid abuse
    May 11, 2016  - Right now, people need our help. Right now, thousands in Wisconsin and across America are struggling with opioid abuse. And that's why stopping this epidemic is a top priority in the House of Representatives. *** Many states, including Wisconsin, have stepped up to the challenge. They've passed leg... More
  • Ryan op-ed: The Key to Small Businesses' Success
    May 5, 2016  - This is Small Business Week, so there is no better time to take a hard look at how public policies can help workers employed by these businesses grow and thrive. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They make up 99.7 percent of American employers, and they create over 60 percen... More
  • Ryan Remembers the Janesville 99 on National Former POW Recognition Day
    Apr 9, 2016  - WASHINGTON, DC — Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, released the following statement on National Former POW Recognition Day. #POWs like the #Janesville 99 served our nation bravely. Today we reflect on their service https://t.co/hZu2m6djDv pic.twitter.com/fax... More
  • Paul Ryan: Why I Support Kevin McCarthy For Speaker
    Oct 6, 2015  - WASHINGTON, DC – Earlier this week, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Paul Ryan published an op-ed on Townhall.com outlining his support for Kevin McCarthy for speaker, which can be read here or below. Why I Support Kevin McCarthy For Speaker Now tha... More
  • Paul Ryan on Promoting American Trade and Replacing Obamacare
    Jun 28, 2015  - WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning, Wisconsin Congressman and House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke with John Dickerson, host of CBS's Face the Nation , about the passage of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and why it is critical for America to lead in a global economy. Chairman Ryan also... More
  • Trade Promotion Authority will rebuild U.S. credibility
    May 28, 2015  - The House of Representatives is preparing to vote on a bill to establish what’s called trade promotion authority or TPA. The bill may not sound like a showstopper, but the vote has America’s allies—and rivals—on the edge of their seats. If the House rejects TPA, it will signal to the world that Amer... More
  • Want to Hold the President Accountable? Then the “Trade Promotion Authority” Bill Is for You
    Apr 30, 2015  - By Paul Ryan The United States is currently negotiating a historic trade agreement with eleven other countries on the Pacific Rim. It could mean more jobs, higher wages, and restored American leadership in the world. But many critics say the president has been unaccountable and the negotiations have... More
  • Paul Ryan: Japan’s massive trade opportunity
    Apr 28, 2015  - By Paul Ryan When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the White House this week, President Obama should offer him a warm welcome — and a friendly challenge. Right now, the United States is negotiating a historic trade deal with Japan and 10 other countries on the Pacific Rim, and one of the ke... More