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  • Paul Ryan calls out Obama, China in foreign policy speech
    Jun 11, 2014  - By Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Washington — Accusing President Barack Obama of weakness on the world stage, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan argued Wednesday for a military buildup, for a more vigorous foreign policy vision, and against a U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan "before we... More
  • Paul Ryan: U.S. Must Show Strength in Foreign Affairs
    Jun 11, 2014  - By Michael Cipriano, Real Clear Politics Rep. Paul Ryan, considered a potential presidential candidate in 2016, made a forceful call for the nation to show stronger leadership -- and thus renew its credibility on the world stage -- in a foreign policy speech Wednesday. Speaking to the Center for a N... More
  • Paul Ryan Discusses Trade Negotiations, Anti-Poverty Programs, and the Select Committee on Benghazi
    May 12, 2014  - Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with WISN’s Jay Weber about his recent trip to Asia, the effectiveness of our federal anti-poverty programs, and the new select committee on Benghazi. Highlights Opening Foreign Markets for Wisconsin Products “I see huge potential in markets for... More
  • Leading Globally: Why America Cannot Keep The Peace Alone
    May 7, 2014  - By Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Pat Meehan, Mac Thornberry, Kay Granger, Kristi Noem, Aaron Schock, Paul Cook (CNN) -- The United States is a Pacific power. Not only do millions of Americans live in states that border or are firmly rooted in the Pacific, more than 300,000 military service members and civ... More
  • A Clear Choice on Defense
    Apr 9, 2014  - Op-Ed by Rep. Paul Ryan The world is less safe when America doesn’t lead. But for President Obama, this lesson has yet to sink in. In February, he offered a budget that would cut crucial funding for our national security. So tomorrow, House Republicans will pass a budget that would give our troops t... More
  • House Budget Committee Advances the Path to Prosperity
    Apr 3, 2014  - WASHINGTON—Last night the House Budget Committee approved the House Republican fiscal year 2015 budget, the Path to Prosperity. The House will consider the budget resolution on the floor next week. Upon passage of the resolution, Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the following statement: “For t... More
  • Ryan's Opening Statement: Markup of the Fiscal Year 2015 Path to Prosperity
    Apr 2, 2014  - House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan – Opening Remarks, As Prepared For Delivery I want to start by thanking the members of this committee. This is our fourth budget in four years. Each one has been on time and in balance. And though we haven’t always agreed on every detail, we’ve worked throu... More
  • The Path to Prosperity Offers a Brighter Future
    Apr 1, 2014  - WASHINGTON—Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin introduced the fiscal year 2015 House Republican budget: The Path to Prosperity. Tomorrow, the House Budget Committee will mark up the proposal. This year’s proposal cuts $5.1 trillion in government spending. According to the C... More
  • Ryan to meet with constituents
    Mar 10, 2014  - Brian Passino | Kenosha News U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan addresses the Kenosha County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner at last month at Strawberry Creek. He is hosting listening session over the next two weeks with his constituents. By Terry Flores, Kenosha News U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., will host li... More
  • Paul Ryan: GOP intra-party debate reflects "big tent"
    Mar 9, 2014  - On March 9th, Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with CBS’ Face the Nation about the ongoing provocation by Russia in the Ukraine and the vigorous debate occurring within the Republican Party about how to best offer solutions to the challenges we face. An unofficial transcript of the interview follows belo... More