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  • A Firm Step Forward
    Dec 11, 2013  - By Paul Ryan Yesterday, Senator Patty Murray and I introduced the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. It’s the first budget agreement of its kind since 1986, and I’m proud to support it. This bill will reduce the deficit by $23 billion. It won’t raise taxes. And it will cut spending in a smarter way. It ... More
  • Inside the proposed bipartisan budget deal: Rep. Paul Ryan - It 'moves the ball in the right direction'
    Dec 10, 2013  - This is a rush transcript from Fox News' "On the Record," December 10, 2013. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a FOX News alert. A bipartisan budget deal on Capitol Hill. House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan and Senate Budget Com... More
  • Ryan Is Again in the Forefront for the G.O.P.
    Oct 10, 2013  - By JONATHAN WEISMAN, The New York Times WASHINGTON — Representative Paul D. Ryan may have temporarily receded into the Capitol shadows after his stinging vice-presidential defeat in November, but he remains a powerful presence among House Republicans, earning the respect of hard-line conservatives f... More
  • Paul Ryan opposes Obama plan on Syria
    Sep 11, 2013  - By Bill Glauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Wednesday that he opposes President Barack Obama's plan on Syria, issuing a statement that outlined his concerns with the administration's handling of the crisis. Ryan's opposition could prove an important stumbling block ... More
  • Ryan Wants to Hear More on Syria, Says Obama Made 'Grave Missteps'
    Sep 3, 2013  - By Robert Costa, National Review Representative Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) just issued the following statement: “The President has some work to do to recover from his grave missteps in Syria. He needs to clearly demonstrate that the use of military force would strengthen America’s security. I want to hear... More
  • Reps. Cooper, Ryan Introduce Defense Flexibility Act
    Aug 1, 2013  - WASHINGTON—U.S. Reps. Jim Cooper (TN-5) and Paul Ryan (WI-1) introduced H.R. 2883, a bipartisan bill to give the Department of Defense (DOD) discretion when applying cuts from sequestration. The Defense Flexibility Act will allow DOD to manage these cuts responsibly and lessen the impact on nationa... More
  • Ryan participates in dedication of the Waterford Post Office in honor of Captain Rhett W. Schiller
    May 3, 2013  - WATERFORD – Yesterday, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan joined Senator Ron Johnson, Waterford Village President Tom Roanhouse, Waterford Postmaster Richard Gramza, and local residents in a dedication ceremony to rename the Waterford Post Office, located at 218 N. Milwaukee Street in ... More
  • House Passes a Responsible, Balanced Budget
    Mar 21, 2013  - WASHINGTON—Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed H. Con. Res. 25, the budget resolution for fiscal year 2014. The House Republican budget stops spending money Washington doesn’t have and fosters a healthier economy to create jobs. This marks the third consecutive year House Republicans ... More
  • Paul Ryan on budget: Your move, Obama
    Mar 6, 2013  - By: David Nather, Politico Paul Ryan says it's time for President Barack Obama to get back in the game. In a short briefing with reporters Wednesday, Ryan — the House Budget Committee chairman and former vice presidential nominee — blasted Obama for not giving any indication of when he'll release hi... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses Washington’s out of control spending habits on the Jay Weber Show
    Mar 5, 2013  - Yesterday, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Jay Weber about the impact of the sequester and the need to offer solutions that balance the budget and pay down our debt. Podcast Highlights The President has the tools to mitigate the damaging effects of sequestration “What the President p... More