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  • Ryan's Budget Protects Defense
    Mar 27, 2012  - By ARTHUR C. BROOKS, EDWIN J. FEULNER AND WILLIAM KRISTOL In an election year, it's all too easy for politicians to defer hard choices until after the polls have closed in November. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) has taken the more difficult road with his "Path to Prosperity" b... More
  • Ryan gives Local High School Students a Sneak Preview into the GOP budget
    Mar 19, 2012  - Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan provided students from Janesville’s Craig and Parker High Schools a sneak preview of the Path to Prosperity, the Fiscal Year 2013 budget proposal for the federal government. Excerpts of the conversation follow, the Janesville Gazette’s report on the s... More
  • Paul Ryan on CNBC’s Kudlow Report: This is President Obama’s Fourth Straight Budget Flop
    Feb 14, 2012  - Larry Kudlow: Welcome back to THE KUDLOW REPORT. I'm Larry Kudlow. All right, President Obama sent Congress his 2013 budget proposal yesterday. GOP House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan has already said the President's budget ensures a debt crisis and decline. He called it failed leadership. Here now for... More
  • 1,000 Days of Empty Rhetoric and Broken Promises
    Jan 24, 2012  - We welcome the President to the House chamber tonight, where he will address the American people to assess the State of the Union. This presents another opportunity for the President to chart a new course. I hope the President takes this opportunity to stop offering empty rhetoric and broken promis... More
  • 2011 Annual Report to Taxpayers
    Jan 3, 2012  - As taxpayers, we are shareholders of the federal government. Therefore, we deserve to know how the government collects and spends our money. The 2011 Annual Report to Taxpayers summarizes the challenges facing the U.S. economy and the federal budget. More
  • 2011 Constituent Update & Issue Summary
    Dec 23, 2011  - 2011 Constituent Update & Issue Summary More
  • Rep. Ryan: Prospects for Progress if We Stay the Course
    Dec 15, 2011  - by REP. PAUL RYAN I just returned from visiting Afghanistan as part of a bipartisan congressional delegation, my third visit to the region since American forces and our allies liberated Afghanistan from Taliban rule. Every time I go, I return with a new appreciation of the challenges faced by our tr... More
  • Paul Ryan Reacts to President Obama's New Jobs Plan
    Sep 9, 2011  - More
  • Solemn 9/11 anniversary binds our nation together
    Sep 8, 2011  - By Congressman Paul Ryan Ten years ago Sunday, thousands of American lives were lost in a brutal terrorist attack. The scenes of that day—the senseless acts of violence, the selfless acts of bravery in response—remain seared into our memories and will never fade from history. Today, as we did then, ... More
  • Congressman Paul Ryan On the Death of Osama Bin Laden
    May 2, 2011  - WASHINGTON – In response to the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by U.S. forces, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan offered the following statement: "The President's announcement that Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed is simply fantastic news. After ten years of... More