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Social Security

  • Paul Ryan: Grow Economic Pie/Expand Opportunity or Divide Shrinking Pie/Manage Decline
    Nov 29, 2010  - More
  • Change We Can Believe In
    Nov 20, 2010  - Technically speaking, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform seems headed toward failure. The commission, chaired by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, is required to produce a report by December 1 providing recommendations for reducing the deficit and debt. T... More
  • The Roadmap Lives
    Nov 20, 2010  - Last year, Rep. Paul Ryan's "Roadmap" -- his far-reaching plan to restore long-term budget balance through tax and entitlement reform -- was the subject of relentless attacks by those favoring a larger government role in American life. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman called Ryan the "Flimflam ... More
  • Into the Budget Breach
    Nov 15, 2010  - After years of disciplined preparation, Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, is about to confront the challenge he’s been waiting for since his days as a Capitol Hill intern. He’s getting ready to take the helm of the House Budget Committee, moving up from ranking Republican as a result of the GOP... More
  • Paul Ryan on the need to strengthen Social Security
    Nov 15, 2010  - We should provide future seniors with the choice of having a personal account, like I have as a Federal employee, as a Member of Congress. It's not privatized. It's managed by the government in safe index funds. It harnesses the power of compound interest so they grow their money at five or six per... More
  • Paul Ryan's big plans for a small budget
    Nov 3, 2010  - Posted by Shawn Tully, senior editor-at-large The Republican victory in the House will likely make Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) the new chairman of the Budget Committee, where, at age 40, he's now his party's ranking member. From that powerful seat, Ryan plans to shape legislation that would impose strict res... More
  • Draining the swamp of red ink: A Republican's roadmap
    Oct 16, 2010  - Editor's note: Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is scheduled to deliver the keynote address Thursday at this year's Oregon Business Association Statesman Dinner at the Oregon Convention Center. The Oregonian invited Ryan to describe his comprehensive proposal to tackle the federal budget deficit in advance o... More
  • Restoring America's Promise
    Oct 12, 2010  - A Presentation by Rep. Paul Ryan at a fiscal forum hosted by the Concord Coalition More
  • Paul Ryan attempts an adult conversation on debt & entitlement reform
    Sep 24, 2010  - By pushing desperate demagoguery and no solutions, leading Democrats threaten to shred the critical social safety net as our crushing burden of debt explodes and our critical health and retirement security programs collapse. More
  • Paul Ryan on House GOP Pledge: Stop the spending binge; Spur job creation; Clean up Congress
    Sep 24, 2010  - We pledge to do things differently than this government we’ve got right now and what’ s the point of having an alternative party if you don’t put out alternatives. We don’t think we should go on this borrowing and spending binge. We don’t think you should raise taxes on successful small businesses.... More