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  • A Ronald Reagan Budget
    Apr 7, 2011  - By DANIEL HENNINGER Nothing like Paul Ryan's budget, "The Path to Prosperity: Restoring America's Promise," has been heard from a Republican since February 1981, when Ronald Reagan issued his presidency's first budget message, "America's New Beginning: A Program for Economic Recovery." The echoes re... More
  • Spending Cuts: Will Congress Play Along?
    Apr 7, 2011  - By Michael Crowley and Jay Newton-Small The standard image of a cost-cutting Washington politician is a certain kind of dour old man — a pinch-fisted Dickensian fussbudget who wags his finger and scolds Americans about living within their means. But on April 5, the U.S. met the new face of federal f... More
  • After Ryan’s leap, a rush of deficit demagoguery
    Apr 7, 2011  - By Charles Krauthammer In 1983, the British Labor Party under the hard-left Michael Foot issued a 700-page manifesto so radical that one colleague called it “the longest suicide note in history.” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has just released a recklessly bold, 73-page, 10-year budget p... More
  • Wall Street Journal editorial: The Ryan Resolution
    Apr 6, 2011  - Well, so much for dodging entitlements. This year's trendy complaint, shared by the left and the tea party, that Republicans hadn't tackled the toughest budget issues was blown away yesterday with the release of House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's budget for 2012. We'll now separate the real reformers... More
  • Ryan Steals March on Obama as Fiscal Crisis Looms
    Apr 6, 2011  - By Michael Barone | Washington Examiner "My worst experience was the financial crisis of September 2008," House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said Tuesday in response to a reporter's question about Democrats' attacks on the budget he unveiled earlier in the day. "What if the president and your... More
  • Ryan seeks major budget overhaul
    Apr 5, 2011  - By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel House budget chairman Paul Ryan said Monday that his GOP budget is an effort to "pre-empt a debt crisis" and "fix the problem before it gets out of control." "We think the country is ready for an honest conversation. We think Americans want to be talked to li... More
  • Ryan touts his 'path to prosperity' plan
    Apr 5, 2011  - By JENNIFER EPSTEIN Ahead of the release of his full proposal later Tuesday, House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan is touting his 2012 budget and an estimated $6.2 trillion in cuts over the next decade as a “path to prosperity” for a country he says is in danger of decline. With a government sh... More
  • Moment of Truth
    Apr 5, 2011  - By DAVID BROOKS It was a season of fiscal perestroika. Last fall, the Simpson-Bowles deficit commission released a bold report on how to avoid an economic catastrophe. For a few weeks, the think tanks and government offices were alive with proposals to reduce debt and reform entitlements, the tax co... More
  • The GOP Path to Prosperity
    Apr 5, 2011  - By PAUL D. RYAN Congress is currently embroiled in a funding fight over how much to spend on less than one-fifth of the federal budget for the next six months. Whether we cut $33 billion or $61 billion—that is, whether we shave 2% or 4% off of this year's deficit—is important. It's a sign that the e... More
  • The Path to Prosperity: America's two futures, visualized
    Apr 5, 2011  - More