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  • Ryan's plan: A contrast in leadership
    Mar 22, 2012  - An editorial by the New Hampshire Union Leader U.S. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, who should have run for President, on Tuesday verified that he — not Rush Limbaugh or John Boehner or Mitt Romney — is the de facto leader of the Republican Party. For the second time in two years, Ryan ha... More
  • Ryan’s rescue plan
    Mar 22, 2012  - By Boston Herald Editorial Staff Months ago many in his party were clamoring for Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to jump into the presidential race. But he knew that the job he already had as chairman of the House Budget Committee was just as critical to the nation’s future. This week he once again stepped... More
  • GOP budget will tackle economic challenges
    Mar 22, 2012  - By James C. Capretta, Special to CNN (CNN) -- The budget proposal introduced by House Republicans on Tuesday is much more than a series of numbers on a spreadsheet -- it's a vision for reforming the key pillars of the American social contract in the 21st century. In that regard, it's very different ... More
  • Paul Ryan contrasts the President’s path of debt and decline with the Path to Prosperity
    Mar 21, 2012  - Fox & Friends, Fox News More
  • GOP House budget sets up next spending, Medicare fights
    Mar 20, 2012  - By Stephanie Condon, CBS News House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on Tuesday released his proposed 2013 budget, calling for steep spending limits and dramatic changes to Medicare -- setting up more contentious partisan battles in Congress. The Republican budget calls for $1.028 trillion in di... More
  • Ryan touts GOP budget as 'alternative path' for nation
    Mar 20, 2012  - House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) holds up a copy of his budget plan, "The Path to Prosperity," Tuesday. (Associated Press) By Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Washington - Billing it as a broad statement of his party's most basic differences with President Barack Obama, R... More
  • Paul Ryan talks about the Path to Prosperity with Mark Levin
    Mar 20, 2012  - The Mark Levin Show More
  • Paul Ryan on CNBC’s Squawk Box – Keep Medicare Intact and End Cronyism in the Tax Code
    Mar 20, 2012  - Highlights Saving & Strengthening Medicare by Giving Seniors Greater Choice and Control: The President's health care law puts new board of 15 bureaucrats in charge of price controlling Medicare, which ultimately leads to denied care for current seniors. We say: get rid of the board, stop the raid, ... More
  • House GOP Budget to Target Tax Rates
    Mar 19, 2012  - By NAFTALI BENDAVID, The Wall Street Journal House Republicans, seizing on what they hope is a potent campaign issue in the midst of a muddled political and economic landscape, will introduce a 2013 budget Tuesday that cuts tax rates and provides for two individual brackets of 10% and 25%. The budge... More
  • Ryan gives Local High School Students a Sneak Preview into the GOP budget
    Mar 19, 2012  - Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan provided students from Janesville’s Craig and Parker High Schools a sneak preview of the Path to Prosperity, the Fiscal Year 2013 budget proposal for the federal government. Excerpts of the conversation follow, the Janesville Gazette’s report on the s... More