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  • Rep. Paul Ryan Delivers Weekly Republican Address
    Mar 16, 2013  - Delivering the Weekly Republican Address, Wisconsin Congressman and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan presented the Path to Prosperity as a responsible, balanced budget proposal that reins in unsustainable Washington spending and improves the lives of all Americans by balancing the budget in... More
  • Ryan Returns
    Mar 13, 2013  - By Andrew Stiles, National Review Online No sooner had Paul Ryan formally unveiled his latest version of the House Republican budget Tuesday morning than Democrats and media critics started tearing it to shreds. It was a “fraudulent” document, advocating “class warfare on behalf of the rich” and “so... More
  • The GOP Plan to Balance the Budget by 2023
    Mar 12, 2013  - By PAUL RYAN America's national debt is over $16 trillion. Yet Washington can't figure out how to cut $85 billion—or just 2% of the federal budget—without resorting to arbitrary, across-the-board cuts. Clearly, the budget process is broken. In four of the past five years, the president has missed hi... More
  • Chairman Paul Ryan Unveils New GOP House Budget
    Mar 12, 2013  - Congressman Ryan appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the FY2014 Path to Prosperity budget, which proposes much-needed spending cuts and pro-growth tax reform. Excerpts of the interview follow. Balancing the budget leads to a healthier economy: “Balancing the budget is not just an arithmetic ... More
  • Paul Ryan previews House Republicans’ responsible, balanced budget on Fox News Sunday
    Mar 10, 2013  - This Sunday, First District Congressman and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan spoke with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace. Excerpts from the interview follow. Ryan on House Republicans offering a responsible, balanced budget: “The point is we think we owe the American people a balanced budget... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses Washington’s out of control spending habits on the Jay Weber Show
    Mar 5, 2013  - Yesterday, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Jay Weber about the impact of the sequester and the need to offer solutions that balance the budget and pay down our debt. Podcast Highlights The President has the tools to mitigate the damaging effects of sequestration “What the President p... More
  • Paul Ryan on UpFront with Mike Gousha (Part 2)
    Mar 3, 2013  - click to play video Mike Gousha: Welcome back to UpFront and our interview with Congressman Paul Ryan, House Budget Committee Chairman. You said you’re working on a budget, a budget that would eliminate our deficit in ten years? Congressman Paul Ryan: A lot of people say ‘Gosh, it takes you ten yea... More
  • Ryan's hope
    Feb 28, 2013  - By Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is looking beyond Friday and the beginning of the sequestration. In an interview I conducted with him on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Ryan told me he believes a majority of Americans will come to understand how bad the d... More
  • Paul Ryan wants Republicans to focus on core economic issues to increase appeal
    Jan 30, 2013  - By DEE J. HALL, Wisconsin State Journal About $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts will be triggered in March, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan predicted Tuesday, but he said that "doesn't even come close" to fixing the nation's debt problem over the next 10 years. In a wide-ranging interview with the Wiscon... More
  • Ryan talks Republican role in a divided government
    Jan 29, 2013  - BY ALISON BAUTER, Racine Journal Times RACINE — Republicans couldn’t capture the majority in November’s national elections, and now they’re left to do what they can — and, morally, what they must — to protect the nation’s financial future, according to U. S. Rep. Paul Ryan. That’s the role in which... More