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  • Ryan settles in as House speaker, sees good things happening in new role
    Dec 14, 2015  - WASHINGTON, DC — On Friday, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, spoke with Kenosha News’s Joe Potente. Excerpts of Ryan’s remarks follow: Q. How are you balancing your time between D.C. and your district these days? A. I’ve kept my same routines, actually. Tha... More
  • Ryan Talks ISIS and Bipartisan Accomplishments in Congress
    Dec 7, 2015  - WASHINGTON, DC — This morning, Wisconsin’s First District congressman and speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, spoke with the Big 1380 AM’s Stan Milam and Wisconsin State Journal’s Mark Sommerhauser. Excerpts of Ryan’s remarks follow: On the President’s remarks and combating ISIS: “What I heard more was... More
  • Ryan Wraps Up Listening Session Tour
    Apr 10, 2015  - WASHINGTON — Earlier this week, First District Congressman and House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan held a series of eight listening sessions across southern Wisconsin, speaking to more than 1,100 constituents about the key issues before Congress. During these sessions, Congressman Ryan discusse... More
  • Ryan Meets with Milton High School Discovering Democracy Students
    Mar 30, 2015  - WASHINGTON – Last week, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Milton High School AP Government students and staff members who were in Washington, D.C. as part of the school’s Discovering Democracy program. The Discovering Democracy program is a yearlong course where students research and w... More
  • Ryan Meets with Janesville Students in Washington
    Mar 20, 2015  - WASHINGTON – Earlier this week, First District Congressman Paul Ryan met with Janesville students participating in the annual Washington Seminar program. The program, first created in 1973, provides an opportunity for students from Craig High School and Parker High School in Janesville, Wisconsin, ... More
  • Ryan Talks Israeli Elections and Republican Budget with Fox & Friends
    Mar 18, 2015  - WASHINGTON – Earlier today, First District Congressman Paul Ryan appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss Prime Minister Netanyahu’s victory in the Israeli elections and the recently released House Republican Budget for fiscal year 2016. On the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Congressma... More
  • Congressman Ryan Welcomes House's Balanced Budget Proposal
    Mar 17, 2015  - WASHINGTON — Today, First District Congressman Paul Ryan issued the following statement of support for the House Republican budget proposal, A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America. "I want to commend Chairman Price and his committee members for writing a responsible, balanced budget. This plan wou... More
  • Ryan shares his vision for the 114th Congress
    Feb 26, 2015  - Earlier this week, First District Congressman Paul Ryan visited with newspapers across Southern Wisconsin to provide an update on his priorities for the 114th Congress. During the meetings, Ryan shared his vision for building a healthy economy and addressing the various challenges facing our nation.... More
  • Paul Ryan: Obamacare alternative plan in the works
    Feb 24, 2015  - By Frank Schultz, Janesville Gazette Rep. Paul Ryan is working on a plan to ensure that Wisconsinites now on Obamacare will have health coverage if the Supreme Court strikes down portions of the federal health-insurance law in June. The longtime Republican congressman from the 1st District and head... More
  • Paul Ryan reveling in policy, issues — and not the '16 campaign
    Feb 23, 2015  - By Bill Glauber, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Relaxed. Politically powerful. And not running for president. That's Paul Ryan in his role as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, where he'll be the gatekeeper of President Barack Obama's domestic agenda. The Republican congressman from Janesvi... More