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  • Ryan: “We want to lower taxes for middle-class families”
    Oct 17, 2017  - WASHINGTON – This morning, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joined WCLO’s Andrea Morrow to discuss ongoing efforts in Congress to reform the tax code: "We are taxing American businesses, especially here in Wisconsin, at much, much higher tax rates than our fo... More
  • Ryan: “A stronger economy, a healthier middle class”
    Oct 16, 2017  - Tax reform is probably Paul Ryan’s favorite thing to talk about; after all, it is one issue that will touch the lives of nearly every American in all walks of life. The goal of tax reform is simple: More jobs, fairer taxes, and bigger paychecks. Paul is taking the message of tax reform not only to W... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses tax reform with WISN’s Dan O’Donnell
    Oct 4, 2017  - This morning, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joined WISN’s Dan O’Donnell to discuss ongoing efforts in Congress to reform the tax code. Excerpts follow: “The whole purpose of this [framework] is to lower taxes for people who are middle-income and low-income... More
  • Gearing up for tax reform
    Sep 21, 2017  - Earlier this week, Paul toured the Harley-Davidson factory in Menomonee Falls to talk about something at the top of Congress’ to-do list: Tax reform. A tax code that’s simpler, fairer, and more competitive and would allow most individuals to fill out their taxes on a postcard. A tax code that will l... More
  • Tax Reform in Wisconsin
    Sep 20, 2017  - In between events in Wisconsin and working in Washington, Paul has been taking tax reform on the road from coast to coast. This week, he did so at Harley-Davidson in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Paul recently spoke to WISN’s Vicki McKenna, making the case for tax reform: “We’re going to release an ou... More
  • One more way:
    Aug 10, 2017  - Last week, Paul participated in the SHINE groundbreaking ceremony, toured Blain’s Farm and Fleet with Agriculture Secretary Perdue, answered questions from Blain’s store managers, and toured businesses around Wisconsin to take questions from constituents and promote tax reform. In between those tour... More
  • Ryan: Foxconn deal is a game-changer for Wisconsin
    Aug 5, 2017  - Ryan: Foxconn deal is a game-changer for Wisconsin Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/4/2017 By now, you have likely heard the good news. The electronics giant Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin, with plans to add 13,000 jobs, in total, in our region. This is an absolute game-changer. It means more good-payin... More
  • “Don’t listen to California”
    Aug 4, 2017  - Something special happened in Janesville yesterday—SHINE Medical broke ground on Building One, where they will begin to build prototype machines and train employees. They will produce a medical isotope to assist with treating cancer and other medical conditions, something we currently have to import... More
  • The focus in Wisconsin’s First District: Jobs
    Aug 4, 2017  - This week is already shaping up to be busy in Wisconsin’s First District. Paul’s employers in the First District care about jobs, so that’s his focus too. On Thursday morning, Paul attended the groundbreaking of Building One for SHINE Medical. The opening of SHINE’s first facility—where they will be... More
  • A ‘Game-Changer’
    Jul 27, 2017  - You may have already heard the news, but yesterday Foxconn officially announced its intent to open a facility in southeastern Wisconsin, creating thousands of good jobs right here in our community. As Paul said, this is a ‘game-changer.’ That’s why he was so interested helping this proposal become a... More