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  • Reintegrate the Poor, Reinvigorate America
    Jan 13, 2014  - By Paul Ryan Social Mobility Summit, Brookings Institute Remarks as Prepared for Delivery Hi, everybody. First, I want to thank Ron Haskins and Belle Sawhill. I’m a big fan of their work. I even made it through their report on social mobility—the whole thing. It came out six years ago, and I finishe... More
  • Defend military pension cuts: Our view
    Jan 2, 2014  - By The Editorial Board, USATODAY One of the best things Ronald Reagan did as president was to revamp federal pensions. Reagan foresaw the problems that unaffordable public benefits would cause over time — the same problems now afflicting many cities and states — and was determined to act. As a resul... More
  • 2013 Annual Report to Taxpayers
    Jan 2, 2014  - 2013 Annual Report to Taxpayers on the United States Government. More
  • Why We Must Reform Military Compensation
    Dec 22, 2013  - The Bipartisan Budget Act that Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and I drafted will soon become law. We think it's a small step toward fiscal discipline in Washington. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the bill will reduce the deficit over the next ten years by over $20 billion. And u... More
  • Senate Passes the Bipartisan Budget Act
    Dec 18, 2013  - WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, the Senate passed the Bipartisan Budget Act, which the House approved in an overwhelming vote last week. The bill would reduce the deficit—without raising taxes—and cut spending in a smarter way. Upon passage of the legislation, Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the fol... More
  • Paul Ryan: 'We owe so much to these men and women who fight for us.'
    Dec 18, 2013  - CNBC’s Kudlow Report In an exclusive interview with Larry Kudlow, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), House Budget Committee chairman, discusses the budget deal, the Fed's decision to taper, and veterans' pensions. Larry Kudlow: House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan is a big winner tonight. The Senate late t... More
  • Ryan Defends Reduction to Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Early Military Retirees
    Dec 15, 2013  - By John McCormack, The Weekly Standard The two-year budget deal crafted by Republican congressman Paul Ryan and Democratic senator Patty Murray sailed through the House of Representatives on a 332-94 vote last Thursday, just two days after it was introduced. If cutting a bipartisan deal is so easy, ... More
  • House Passes the Bipartisan Budget Act
    Dec 12, 2013  - WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, the House of Representatives passed the Bipartisan Budget Act. Written by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan and Senate Budget Committee chairman Patty Murray, the bill will provide $63 billion in temporary sequester relief and $85 billion in mandatory savings. It will... More
  • Ryan responds to questions and concerns about the Bipartisan Budget Act
    Dec 12, 2013  - CBS This Morning More
  • Ryan: “This is a modest step in the right direction.”
    Dec 12, 2013  - MSNBC’s Morning Joe More