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  • Expanding Opportunity in America
    Jul 24, 2014  - ​To read the full text of Congressman Ryan's discussion draft, "Expanding Opportunity in America," click here. Congressman Ryan’s Remarks, as Prepared for Delivery ​American Enterprise Institute Hi, everybody. I want to thank Arthur, our panel, and everyone at AEI for hosting us here today. I look ... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses "Expanding Opportunity in America"
    Jul 24, 2014  - By Fox News Insider Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) unveiled his new economic plan called, “Expanding Opportunity in America,” tonight on On The Record. The House Budget Committee chairman told Greta Van Susteren said his goal is to change the conversation and empower local communities in order to ignite real... More
  • We need to expand opportunity in this country
    Jul 23, 2014  - Op-Ed by Paul Ryan This week, our economy received some bad news: The International Monetary Fund revised its projection for U.S. economic growth this year to just 1.7%. Working families will pay the price. Real median household income is still lower than before the recession. Deep poverty in Americ... More
  • Rep. Ryan Gets Serious About Poverty
    Jul 19, 2014  - By Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Bob Woodson sees a side to U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan that few people get to see, and Woodson's work to confront poverty has changed the Wisconsin Republican's outlook. Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, and Woodson, president of the National Center for Nei... More
  • Paul Ryan Talks the Border, the IRS, and Poverty
    Jul 9, 2014  - Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Fox & Friends about President Obama’s recent request for funding to secure the border, the IRS investigation, and the House Budget Committee’s hearing on working with families in need. Paul Ryan: Good morning Steve, Brian, Anna. How are you doing this morning? Steve ... More
  • A Strategy for Renewal
    Jun 11, 2014  - Chairman Ryan’s Remarks, as Prepared for Delivery The Center for a New American Security Thanks, everybody—thanks, Michèle. After looking at the program, I’d say you have quite the lineup: a four-star general, a PBS news anchor, a national security adviser . . . and a budget guy. Now, some of you mi... More
  • Paul Ryan calls out Obama, China in foreign policy speech
    Jun 11, 2014  - By Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Washington — Accusing President Barack Obama of weakness on the world stage, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan argued Wednesday for a military buildup, for a more vigorous foreign policy vision, and against a U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan "before we... More
  • Paul Ryan: U.S. Must Show Strength in Foreign Affairs
    Jun 11, 2014  - By Michael Cipriano, Real Clear Politics Rep. Paul Ryan, considered a potential presidential candidate in 2016, made a forceful call for the nation to show stronger leadership -- and thus renew its credibility on the world stage -- in a foreign policy speech Wednesday. Speaking to the Center for a N... More
  • Paul Ryan Discusses the First District Mobile Office and Ways to Fight Poverty
    May 5, 2014  - Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with WLIP’s Bill Lawrence about the First District Mobile Office, which will visit several southern Wisconsin communities this week, and his meeting with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Excerpts of Congressman Ryan’s responses follow: Serving the People of the ... More
  • Ryan: A Budget That Trusts the American People
    Apr 10, 2014  - WASHINGTON—Today, the House of Representatives passed the fiscal year 2015 budget, The Path to Prosperity. Before the vote, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin delivered the following remarks on the House floor: “Mr. Chairman, what this debate comes down to is a question of trust.... More