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  • Ryan: The President's budget is yet another disappointment
    Mar 4, 2014  - WASHINGTON­—Today, the President released his budget request for fiscal year 2015—one month past the statutory deadline. It is the fifth time in six years that President Obama has missed his deadline, and it is the worst record in history. Upon reviewing the President’s budget, House Budget Committe... More
  • Ryan: Obama’s Budget Has Gone ‘Farther to the Left’
    Mar 4, 2014  - On March 4, First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with guest host Martha McCallum of Fox News’s The Kelly File about the President’s budget and the House Budget Committee’s report on the War on Poverty. Excerpts of Congressman Ryan’s responses follow. click to watch video The President’s Budget... More
  • Ryan: Troops Deserve Best Equipment on Battlefield and Secure Retirement Back Home
    Feb 11, 2014  - Following today’s vote on S. 25, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the following statement: “This bill undermines one part of last year’s bipartisan budget agreement. I’m glad it keeps the compensation reforms for federal employees and billions of dollars in commonsense c... More
  • Ryan: CBO Report Is a Call to Action
    Feb 4, 2014  - WASHINGTON­— Today, the Congressional Budget Office released its Budget and Economic Outlook, which projects a $514 billion deficit for fiscal year 2014. The deficit will begin to climb back up after next year, eclipsing $1 trillion in 2022. The report says the federal government will add $10 trilli... More
  • Ryan on the President’s use of Executive Orders & a security-first approach to immigration reform
    Feb 2, 2014  - ABC News This Week George Stephanopoulos: And now let’s bring in our headliner, top Republican Congressman, former candidate for Vice President, Paul Ryan. Thank you for joining us this morning Congressman. Lots to talk about: the follow up from the State of the Union, the legislative battles ahead,... More
  • Paul Ryan discusses the President’s State of the Union proposals and the future of the GOP
    Jan 30, 2014  - CNN - The Lead with Jack Tapper Jake Tapper: We’re coming to you live from Waukesha, Wisconsin, where we interviewed President Obama just a few minutes ago. More of that interview will air tomorrow on New Day and then on my show, The Lead, here at 4:00 tomorrow. We’re going to continue with our poli... More
  • Ryan on State of the Union: ‘I didn’t hear any new ideas’
    Jan 29, 2014  - Fox News No new ideas in the President’s State of the Union address: “Well, I didn’t hear any new ideas, that’s for sure. The only new idea I heard was when the President asked private employers to give all their employees a raise. I thought that was a little odd coming from the President. But knowi... More
  • Rep. Paul Ryan: "Presidents don't write laws"
    Jan 28, 2014  - CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama put the finishing touches on his State of the Union address Monday night. The speech is creating controversy even before he's delivered it. His advisors said Tuesday he plans to tell Congress he will use his executive powers to ... More
  • Don't turn away from reforming military retirement benefits
    Jan 17, 2014  - Op-Ed by Gen. James L. Jones (USMC, retired), Adm. Gregory Johnson (USNA, retired), Major Gen. Arnold Punaro (USMC, retired) and Gen. Charles Wald (USAF, retired) The U.S. military is at a crossroads. We can either properly train and equip our future warriors or maintain overly generous benefits for... More
  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan interviews Congressman Paul Ryan
    Jan 14, 2014  - Cardinal Dolan: One of the things that I admired about Congressman Ryan: He has made a promise to himself and his family that, except when there’s an extraordinary reason, he will always leave Washington on a Friday and go home and be with the family on the weekends. So admired here, are you still ... More