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  • President’s words don’t match Wisconsin’s reality
    Jul 2, 2010  - By Paul Ryan Representing Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District Any visit by the President of the United States to our great state is always welcome, but the timing of President Obama’s Town Hall meeting this week came at a critical time for the state of Wisconsin and the Racine community in partic... More
  • Ryan: Washington’s Environmental Overreach Kills Wisconsin Jobs
    Jun 29, 2010  - WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan continues to speak out about the painful impact of Washington’s misguided economic policies on Wisconsin workers. News broke over the weekend that the Obama Administration killed a contract with Wisconsin employer Bucyrus International Inc.... More
  • A Plan for Prosperity
    Jun 24, 2010  - by Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-01), Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee Unofficial transcript of remarks as delivered: Well good afternoon everybody, thank you for indulging me – we just had a bunch of votes in Congress that caused me to be a little late. I hope your lunch went well. I understand we... More
  • Ryan on the Federal Government’s Response to the Oil Spill in the Gulf
    Jun 15, 2010  - WASHINGTON – In advance of President Obama’s address to the nation on the Federal government’s response to the oil spill in the Gulf, Congressman Paul Ryan offered the following statement: “Without question, our primary focus in the Gulf must be to stop the oil leak. The Federal government and BP mu... More
  • Greendale Listening Session
    Jun 1, 2010  - More
  • The Man With the Plan
    Apr 9, 2010  - In late January, President Obama dazzled political reporters when he addressed a gathering of House Republicans in Baltimore. The press marveled at Obama's intelligence, command of the facts, and ability to swat down GOP arguments effortlessly during the 90-minute exchange. But at one point, Obama ... More
  • Paul Ryan on C-SPAN
    Jan 21, 2010  - More
  • Down With Big Business
    Dec 11, 2009  - In 1979, Robert Bartley's editorial writing at the Wall Street Journal not only garnered a Pulitzer Prize, but also exposed a pernicious threat to free enterprise. In a piece titled "Down With Big Business," which focused on how General Motors was using its muscle and government connections to squee... More
  • Misplaced Priorities
    Dec 11, 2009  - By Paul Ryan Representing Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District Despite widespread concerns that the federal government is growing too large, too fast, Washington renewed its push this week to expand its authority to limit economic production in the hope of restricting greenhouse gas emissions. Uni... More
  • Paul Ryan outlines thoughts on “The World in 2010”
    Dec 7, 2009  - Congressman Paul Ryan offers his thoughts on the year ahead at The Economist’s “The World in 2010” Festival of Ideas at George Washington University. More