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  • We are an entrepreneurial free society: appealing to hope and aspiration; not fear and envy
    Sep 23, 2010  - We can and should have a safety net, to help people who cannot help themselves, to help people who are down on their luck. We don't want to turn that safety net into a hammock... We are an entrepreneurial free society that appeals to people's hopes and aspirations, not to their sense of envy and fe... More
  • Paul Ryan on House Republicans' Pledge To America
    Sep 23, 2010  - We're not here to offer a plan to reinvent of America. We are here trying to reclaim our country by rededicating ourselves to those timeless principles that made us exceptional. These are basic building blocks to get us on the right track. The first steps to get this country on the right track. More
  • Paul Ryan: Stop all tax hikes
    Sep 22, 2010  - Congressman Paul Ryan on the need to prevent tax hikes from hitting American families and job creators. More
  • The Cause of Life Can’t be Severed from the Cause of Freedom
    Sep 20, 2010  - Published in the Heritage Foundation's Indivisible, February 2010 I write as an unswerving proponent of both free market choice and the natural right to life. It is unfortunate that “life” and “choice” were ever separated and viewed as alternatives. This is a false dilemma. Logically, each implicate... More
  • Honoring Captain Rhett W. Schiller
    Sep 15, 2010  - I am proud to support this piece of legislation and the Village of Waterford's efforts to designate a local post office in Captain Schiller's honor and recognize the sacrifices he, his family, and all service members have made and continue to make at home and overseas. More
  • Paul Ryan: It is not too late to reclaim the American Idea
    Sep 13, 2010  - I was trying to do with the Roadmap is prove, using Congressional Budget Office numbers, that it's not too late to get the American idea back -- that we can get this debt under control. More
  • Paul Ryan: We don't need to reinvent America; but reclaim it.
    Sep 13, 2010  - Who are we, what do we stand for, and what is America going to be in the 21st century? It's not as if we have to go reinvent this country. We have to more or less reclaim it. The ideas that built America are what made us so exceptional in the first place. More
  • Rep. Paul Ryan: 'Roadmap' deals with reality
    Sep 10, 2010  - The editorial debate on my reform plan "A Roadmap for America's Future" underscores the need for an adult conversation on tackling our nation's greatest fiscal and economic challenges ("One lonely plan in Congress highlights tough choices," Our view, Balancing the budget debate, Tuesday). To be clea... More
  • Voters' Choice, in Sharp Relief
    Sep 10, 2010  - By GERALD F. SEIB While Democratic President Barack Obama stood before a crowd in Cleveland delivering a speech describing his economic philosophy Wednesday, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan sat in his Racine, Wis., district office, eating a Quiznos sandwich and describing his. Those parallel discussions a... More
  • Ryan's on the map, and taking heat
    Sep 9, 2010  - By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel As a wholesale rethinking of Social Security, Medicare and federal taxes, Paul Ryan's Roadmap has put the Janesville Republican on the political map. To read the full article: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/102505354.html More