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Ryan Introduces 'A Roadmap For America's Future 2.0'

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January 27, 2010 | Angela Kuck ((202) 226-6764) | comments

Today, House Budget Committee Ranking Republican Paul Ryan (WI) reintroduced his legislation, A Roadmap for America’s Future, updated to reflect the dramatic decline in our Nation’s economic and fiscal condition since its introduction in 2008. Roadmap 2.0 transforms the Federal Government to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and to restore our long-held legacy of leaving the next generation better

For plan details, including Ryan’s op-ed from this morning’s ‘The Wall Street JournalExecutive Summary, Report Language, and Legislative Text, please visit www.americanroadmap.org.

Ryan made the following statement:

“Our nation is barrelling down a path of uncontrolled Federal Government spending, unsustainable entitlement growth, and crushing levels of taxes and debt. If we resign ourselves to this, our health and retirement security programs will grow themselves into extinction; our debt will explode and cripple our economy’s ability to compete – let alone lead – in the 21st century marketplace; and our failure will condemn future generations to declining standards of living.

“Incredibly, Washington’s leadership appears committed not only to adhere to this path, but to hasten America’s march down it.

“Simply saying ‘no’ to the further government expansions – simply maintaining today’s ‘status quo’ – is no longer an option: our health care sector must be reformed; our economy needs sustained job creation and real growth; and we must tackle the greatest threat to our economic and fiscal future – the crushing debt burden driven by the unsustainable growth in entitlement spending.

“America needs an alternative. For that reason, I am re-introducing ‘A Roadmap for America’s Future’ – updated to reflect the dramatic decline in our economic and fiscal condition since its introduction in 2008, while still achieving its key goals.

“A Roadmap for America’s Future 2.0 is not simply a slimmed-down version of the ‘progressive’ ideology now prevailing in Washington. It is a comprehensive plan to ensure health and retirement security for all Americans; to lift the debt burdens that are mounting every day because of Washington’s reckless spending; and to promote jobs and competitiveness in the 21st century global economy.

“Roadmap is a complete legislative proposal consisting of specific policies backed up by Congressional Budget Office estimates of its fiscal and economic consequences. “It’s unlikely that everyone will agree with every aspect of my proposal, and that’s fine. My hope is that it will spur all Americans to not only take a hard look down the dangerous path our country is headed, but also to become actively involved in restoring our ability – and longheld legacy – of leaving the next generation of Americans better off.”

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