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Paul Ryan Rejects Sham Energy Bill

“More Hot Air from Congress” Says Ryan

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September 16, 2008 | Conor Sweeney (202-226-7326) | comments

WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan condemned the latest election year energy stunt by the House Majority prior to today’s vote on H.R. 6899. Dubbed the “Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act,” H.R. 6899 consists of a patchwork of previously rejected provisions, along with tax hikes, fees, and regulations that fail address our need for more American-made energy.

While Ryan and his fellow House Republicans have been petitioning for a comprehensive energy bill since the second week of May, H.R. 6899 was drafted in Speaker Pelosi’s office late last night and brought to the floor for a vote today. For an issue of such significance for the American people, the Speaker allowed for no amendments, no substitutes, and no opportunity for compromise. Shortly before the House voted on H.R. 6899, Ryan issued the following statement:

“The only energy to come out of this bill is the hot air from Congress. This sham energy bill is nothing more than a dry hole. The House Majority’s bill would permanently lock up the majority of American energy off of our coasts. The so-called drilling provisions are an attempt to hoodwink the American people and would do nothing to expand American energy production. States can choose to ‘opt-in’ to allow drilling within a narrow strip off their coasts, but without revenue sharing provisions, states have no incentive to ‘opt-in.’ What’s worse, this bill does nothing to address the excessive lawsuits by radical special interests that have held up existing leases for oil exploration. Simply put: this bill is a hoax.

“The House Majority has refused to adopt a bipartisan, all-of-the-above approach to tackle our energy crisis – one of the greatest problems we face as a nation today. By continuing to send $1.5 billion a day to hostile nations, today’s rejection of real energy solutions has only fueled our dependence on foreign oil and the threat to our national security. With mass layoffs and painful price spikes, Wisconsinites have been hit particularly hard by our energy crisis. Those I serve in Wisconsin’s 1st District deserve better.

“We must expand and diversify our supply of American-made energy. We must allow for more environmentally-sound drilling here in America. We must streamline the permitting process for new refineries. We must encourage nuclear power, clean coal, and more. Incentives for greater conservation efforts and a commitment to renewable energy are critical to this all-of-the-above approach. Rather than results, today we got more hot air from Congress.”


There were two key votes on the night of Tuesday, September 16:

  1. Roll Call vote: Motion to Recommit - H.R. 6899, featuring a bipartisan comprehensive compromise (H.R. 6709)

  2. Roll Call vote: Final passage of H.R. 6899

Following the defeat of the Motion to Recommit and passage of H.R. 6899, Congressman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

"I was disappointed, but not surprised, to watch partisan politics conquer compromise for real energy solutions. A silver lining in tonight's House floor action was that Congress finally considered a vote on a bipartisan energy compromise - a measure supported by many of my Democrat friends in rhetoric, but not in action tonight. The bill that ultimately passed the House tonight will do nothing to expand and diversify American-made energy. Those I serve in Wisconsin deserve a fair, open process for a sincere energy compromise, and I will continue to fight for one."

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