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Ryan Statement on Success of Fiscal Commission; Opposition to Co-Chairs’ Proposal

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December 02, 2010 | Conor Sweeney (202-226-7270) | comments

WASHINGTON – Earlier today, Congressman Paul Ryan stated his intention to vote against the plan proposed by the Co-Chairmen of the Fiscal Commission. With respect to his views on Co-Chairs’ specific proposal and the success of the Fiscal Commission, Congressman Ryan, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, issued the following statement:

“Regardless of the outcome of Friday's vote, the Fiscal Commission has been a success. Due in large part to the leadership of the Co-Chairmen, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, the proposal and the commission have successfully launched a critical debate facing this country: how to get the Federal government's fiscal house in order and ensure a prosperous future for coming generations of Americans. This is the debate I’ve worked hard to advance with my own reform proposals, and it has been a privilege to serve as an active participant in the Fiscal Commission this past year.

“Tasked with an extraordinarily difficult challenge, the Co-Chairmen put forth a comprehensive and provocative proposal to help tackle the debt threat, advancing a sorely needed debate on these critical issues. Their proposal is a serious and credible plan, but I cannot support it. We must address the explosive growth of our health care entitlement programs at the structural level to meet the fiscal and economic challenges confronting this nation. This plan not only lacks needed structural reforms, but would in fact take us in the wrong direction on health care by accelerating the adverse consequences of the President’s health care law. It also relies too heavily on tax increases, which would stifle the very growth and prosperity that are the essential preconditions of a sustainable fiscal path.

“I cannot overstate my respect for, and gratitude to, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. They have helped put an end to the era of deficit denial. Those who refuse to confront the looming fiscal crisis have nowhere to hide. I am eager to build on this effort in my work at the House Budget Committee – drawing upon specific ideas put forward in the Commission and drawing upon the inspired leadership of the Co-Chairmen.”

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