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Paul Ryan: Let's Advance Upward Mobility & Economic Opportunity

NBC's Meet the Press Sunday

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October 09, 2011 | comments

Highlights - Congressman Paul Ryan on NBC's Meet the Press 

"On the class warfare, there are a few points I would simply make if you'll allow me. Number one, the math just doesn't work. Raising all these taxes on small businesses doesn't work. It's not just taxing the movie star, the baseball player, the Wall Street person. You're taxing the engine of economic growth, small businesses. If you took all the income from every millionaire in America today, it would run the government for about four months.

Second, I have a better idea. Instead of job-killing tax increases, why don't we just stop subsidizing wealthy people? Let's go after the crony capitalism, the corporate welfare in the tax code, in spending and why don't we income adjust our spending programs so that we don't subsidize wealthy people as much. I think that's a better idea to get more savings in the budget and to get our debt down without doing economic damage.

And third, I think this rhetoric is fairly--is divisive. I think it's troubling. Sowing class envy and social unrest is not what we do in America."


"I don't worry about people who are already rich. I'm worried about getting people to become successful, removing those barriers so that people who've never seen success before can actually become successful. When you keep raising all of these tax rates, all of these regulatory barriers on successful small businesses, how are we going to get the jobs of tomorrow? This redistribution idea of pitting people against each other does not work. It's divisive, and it hardly gives us the kind of attitude we want for businesses to take risks so they can succeed in the future."

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