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Speeches and Floor Statements

Paul Ryan talks about pre-empting a debt crisis and the choices of two futures

CBS’ Face the Nation

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March 25, 2012 | comments


Tackling the Debt Threat:
We’re putting the budget on the path to balance and pay the debt off. We want to avoid a debt crisis. The President’s budget brings us closer to a debt crisis.

Pro-Growth Tax Reform:
We’re proposing to keep revenues where they are, but to clear out all the special interest loopholes, which are uniquely enjoyed by higher income earners, in exchange for lower rates for everyone. All of our competitors are lowering their tax rates on businesses – Canada just went to 15%. President wants to increase tax rate on small businesses to nearly 45%? We will lose jobs if we go down that path.  We’re saying get rid of the tax shelters and the special interest loopholes, and lower everybody’s tax rates. There is a bipartisan consensus that this is the best way to go for jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, the President is proposing the opposite: higher tax rates & more loopholes.

Patient-Centered Health Care Reform:
The President’s health care law caps Medicare spending, but he puts a board of fifteen unelected bureaucrats in charge of cutting Medicare in ways that deny care to current seniors. We say get rid of the board and put 50 million seniors in charge of their own Medicare instead of having these 15 bureaucrats making these decisions.

The Choice of Two Futures:
We have a moral and legal obligation to stop this debt crisis from happening. We have the most predictable economy crisis coming, and to ignore it is wrong. We think we owe the country solutions. We think we owe the country a path to prosperity, to get the American Idea back, to get people back to work, to get this debt under control. The President is making it worse, and the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over 1,000 days. They’re not even trying to solve this problem. We have an obligation to put solutions on the table.  People in America are ready to be talked to like adults. They don’t want to be pandered to like children. We owe the country a sharp, clear difference – a choice of two futures – so they can decide what kind of country we want to be, what kind of people we want to be in the 21st century. The President has us on a path to debt and decline. We owe the country an alternative path.

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