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Ryan Statement on the Democrat-Controlled Senate’s Embarrassing Budget Spectacle

Chairman Conrad breaks pledge to markup a budget resolution

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April 18, 2012 | Kevin Seifert (202-225-3031) | comments

WASHINGTON – In response to the Senate Budget Committee’s refusal to mark up and vote on a budget, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan issued the following statement:

“I am disappointed to learn that Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad will not follow through on his commitment to advance a budget. The Democrat-controlled Senate’s ongoing failure to pass a budget has become one of the most embarrassing spectacles in Washington. A budget is the most basic function of government, and today’s decision by Chairman Conrad to shrink from responsibility and accountability is especially perilous given the debt-fueled economic crisis staring us in the face. This unserious approach to budgeting has serious consequences for Americans families.

“It has been three years since Chairman Conrad last advanced a budget through the U.S. Senate. That budget from 2009 accelerated the looming debt crisis by helping to jam a massive health care overhaul into law on a partisan basis. The President and his party’s leaders are now insisting that Washington take trillions of dollars from hardworking Americans in an effort to lock in ever-higher government spending. True bipartisan solutions require the removal of partisan roadblocks like the President’s health care law and principled leadership willing to address the drivers of the debt.

“It is also troubling that Chairman Conrad has refused to take steps to address the near-term challenge of across-the-board cuts scheduled to hit critical government functions, stating that the passage of last summer’s Budget Control Act means ‘we already have a budget in place for this year and next.’ With this abdication, the Senate’s Democratic leaders are officially acquiescing to a 10 percent cut in Department of Defense programs and an 8 percent cut in certain domestic programs, such as the National Institutes of Health and border security, taking effect in January of next year. While members of both parties have voiced a desire to avoid these sweeping cuts, only the House Republican majority has taken action to reprioritize these savings, ensuring our troops don’t pay the price for Washington’s failures.

“In the wake of the Senate’s latest failure, House Republicans will continue to do the work Americans sent us here to do: ensuring that we keep the American promise of leaving our children with a stronger nation and greater opportunity than our parents gave us.”

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