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Chairman Paul Ryan Unveils New GOP House Budget

The Hugh Hewitt Show

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March 12, 2013 | comments

Congressman Ryan appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the FY2014 Path to Prosperity budget, which proposes much-needed spending cuts and pro-growth tax reform. Excerpts of the interview follow.

Balancing the budget leads to a healthier economy:

“Balancing the budget is not just an arithmetic thing. It is the means to an end which is a better economy, a growing economy, more opportunity, helping people, getting the government to live within its means, giving your kids a debt free country. Those are the things we accomplish with this. And we want to take our fiscal policy, our borrowing off of its collision course with our monetary policy, our money printing, so that we can get back to sound money, low taxes, more freedom, real economic growth, real job creation, and a brighter future for people, and upward mobility for people who have not seen it yet.”

Getting our fiscal house in order with real reforms:

“Our economy is barely limping along, we have 46 million people in poverty, the highest poverty rates in a generation. More and more people are giving up on the American idea. More and more people don’t think the country is going to be better off in the future when they hand it over to their kids. And we have put out a budget to balance the budget, to reform the tax code, to open up our energy so we can be energy independent, to save Medicare from bankruptcy, to make sure that our kids get a debt free future and a faster economy today. That’s what we’re producing today. If you want to go see it for yourself, go to http://budget.house.gov.”

Fixing what’s broken in health care by offering patient-centered reforms:

“We have divided government. We think Obamacare is a terrible law. We think this law, which has two years to go to be implemented, is going to prove much, much more unpopular as it rolls out. As the gory details unfold in front of the country, as they see themselves losing their employer-sponsored health insurance, Medicare patients losing access to care, as they see the medical device tax making it more expensive to get breakthrough drugs, we think this law is going to be really unpopular in the eyes of the county. And we think it is very well within our right as Republicans in the majority to offer a budget that says let’s get rid of this law and replace it with patient-centered health care, not government-run health care. I really don’t think people should expect anything less of us.”

Reforming our tax code to make it simple, fair and competitive:

“We’re doing tax reform this year in the House, and we’re going to pass tax reform that says here’s how you replace this really ugly tax code we have- the medical device tax and all the rest - with a better tax system, with lower rates and a broader tax base. Fewer loopholes in exchange for lower rates, and we’ll show the country a better tax system that gets us pro-growth economics, that gets the economy going, that makes American businesses more competitive, that lets families keep more of what they earn, and that’s fairer. And that includes getting rid of some of these ugly taxes. It’s through tax reform legislation that you can get rid of things like this.”


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