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Speeches and Floor Statements

Paul Ryan discusses the sequester and the President’s health care law with Brian Thomas

55KRC Morning Show, 55KRC The Talk Station

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May 07, 2013 | comments


The President’s health care law fails to deliver on promises:

It is one big empty promise. We have got empty promises with respect to Medicare’s pending bankruptcy and we have plans to fix that and make it work better. But Obamacare is a series of empty promises stacked upon each other. If you like what you want you can keep it; that is proven untrue in so many cases. It is going to lower health care costs; no, that has gone the other direction. It is going to reduce the deficit; we know that has been thoroughly debunked. The law has not even been fully implemented yet and we are just seeing all these promises that this law was sold on being thoroughly rebutted, day by day. It is a new entitlement that we clearly cannot afford on top of the fact that we have other entitlements going bankrupt.”

Offering patient center solutions to increase the affordability and accessibility of quality health care:

“We have divided government again. What we are trying to do is get a down payment to get this debt and deficit under control and buy the country time. I would say that the progressives who sort of created this program, Obamacare, are more interested in ideological goals rather than fiscal or economic goals. That will come at the detriment of our future.

“The sooner that we can show what we can do differently the better we can make a case to the country. That is why I believe that we owe the country alternatives to Obamacare. I coauthored a law called health savings accounts a number of years ago. I think that is a better way to go. Put people in charge of their health care.

“Let’s have the health care providers compete against each other for our business like any other product in society. It works but it has not been sufficiently applied to health care.  The problem is that we went the opposite direction. We have now converted about 16% of our economy over to the government. We are witnessing the unraveling of a great health care system. Our system needs improvement but we are headed in the wrong direction. Health care providers are seeing this thing coming and are holding their breath. Max Baucus, the guy that wrote the bill in the Senate says that it is a train wreck. That is unfortunately what is unfolding in front of our eyes.”

Common sense spending cuts to avert the sequester:

“I passed two bills last July and last December that does just that. It says here are smart spending cuts and reforms to wasteful spending programs that can replace the sequester. We passed those bills in the House only to see them rejected in the Senate. Then in March we passed another bill giving these agencies discretion and flexibility in distributing these cuts.

“We have scores of General Accountability Office reports showing where the waste is. It is not like we do not know where this waste is. If you hear these horror stories of about the Sequester, just know that the Administration is making that happen the way that it is happening. They made those decisions on how to implement the Sequester.”

On the Marketplace Fairness Act:

[The Senate version] has to be cleaned up. It is tough to argue against the fairness argument. Brick and mortar businesses should not be put at a disadvantage against an online retailer. Although you cannot allow something to be retroactive and you cannot have language loose enough that could lead to other forms of taxation. We cannot let that happen so this has to be written in a very clean and a very tight way. Then I think that you can work with it.

“You have to do it in such a way that you do not have Illinois pushing Ohio around telling them to organize their taxes like ours. You do not want to have a system that encourages states to harmonize their taxes with high tax states. You also do not want other forms of taxation occurring with this law. That is why I do not like the way that it was written. I would say no to the Senate bill but the idea is hard to argue against. Should Skyline Chili have to pay taxes in stores but not over the internet? That is a hard argument to argue against. We just do not want to have some sort of law that has all kinds of unintended consequences.”

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