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Ryan: Troops Deserve Best Equipment on Battlefield and Secure Retirement Back Home

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February 11, 2014 | comments

Following today’s vote on S. 25, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin issued the following statement:

“This bill undermines one part of last year’s bipartisan budget agreement. I’m glad it keeps the compensation reforms for federal employees and billions of dollars in commonsense cuts. But on military compensation, it takes a step back. Our military leaders—and the math—have been clear: Compensation costs are hollowing out the Pentagon’s budget. They are taking resources away from training and modernization—and putting our troops at risk. This bill takes away over $6 billion from military readiness.

“The bipartisan budget agreement delayed the military-retirement reforms for two years so the Pentagon’s compensation commission would have time to think of alternative reforms if necessary. This bill undercuts that process. Rather than making the tough choices, it sidesteps them. I’m open to replacing this reform with a better alternative. But I cannot support kicking the can down the road.

“Our troops and their families have been willing to sacrifice everything for this country. We owe it to them to give them the best equipment on the battlefield and a secure retirement when they come home.”

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