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Ryan: A Budget That Trusts the American People

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April 10, 2014 | Kevin Seifert (202-225-3031) | comments

WASHINGTON—Today, the House of Representatives passed the fiscal year 2015 budget, The Path to Prosperity. Before the vote, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin delivered the following remarks on the House floor:

“Mr. Chairman, what this debate comes down to is a question of trust.

“We’ve offered a budget because we trust the American people. Unlike the Senate Democrats who have once again punted and not even offered a budget this year, we trust the people to make an honest assessment. We trust them to make the right choice for their future. 

“Now, to their credit, the House Democrats have offered budgets as well. The problem is, they put their trust in Washington. Every time you hear the word 'investments' just know what that means—take from hardworking taxpayers, borrow more money from our next generations and from other countries, and spend it in Washington.

“Time and again, they are proposing to put government in the driver’s seat.  They’ve already engineered a takeover of our entire health-care sector. They’re over-regulated our energy sector. They’re depriving us of jobs, and they won’t even give us the Keystone Pipeline. They’re proposing new taxes—another $1.8 trillion tax increase. They’re proposing more cronyism. They’re proposing more control from Washington, which is less control of our communities, less control over our businesses, less control over our lives, less control over our futures.

“In my respectful opinion, it is a vision that is paternalistic, arrogant, and downright condescending. You know, big government in theory—it sounds compelling. In practice, it’s totally different. Remember if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? Remember if you like your health-care plan you can keep your healthcare plan? Remember if government takes over this sector it will lower your costs? Big government in practice is so different than the theory. The results have nothing to do with the rhetoric. 

“We, on the other hand, trust the people. We are offering a balanced budget that pays down the debt. We are offering patient-centered solutions, so that patients are the nucleus of the health-care system, not the government. We’re offering a plan to save Medicare now and for future generations. We’re offering a stronger safety net with state flexibility, to help meet people’s needs and to help people get from welfare to work to make the most of their lives. We’re offering pro-growth tax code. We’re offering more energy jobs.

“You can boil the differences down to one question: Who knows better? The people or Washington? We have made our choice with this budget. I trust the American people to make theirs.

“Mr. Chairman, let’s call the vote.”

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