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Paul Ryan discusses trade and fighting poverty with WCLO’s Tim Bremel

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April 02, 2015 | Robert Swift (202-225-3031) | comments

WASHINGTON – Last week, Congressman Paul Ryan spoke with Tim Bremel, host of WCLO’s Your Talk Show, about the importance of finalizing trade agreements with other countries and how we can better fight poverty in the United States. Audio of Congressman Ryan’s interview is accessible here and excerpts of the discussion follow.

The importance of finalizing trade agreements with Asian nations:

“It is something President Obama and I do see eye to eye on. We have met and discussed this a number of times and the basic deal is this: Either we write the rules of the global economy, particularly with respect to Asia, or China does. . . . Here’s the point: We have to make more things and sell them overseas to keep [the economy] going. One in five jobs in Wisconsin is tied to trade. We need to have more trade to have more jobs and to increase our wages and our income. We’re giving [these nations] pretty good access to our markets, but they’re not giving us the same to theirs. We need to go get an agreement that is good for us. That’s why I’m in favor of these actions.”

Reevaluating the federal government’s approach to fighting poverty:

“I wanted to go around the country and in the district and see poverty eye to eye, and learn from those who are facing adversity in their lives and in their communities. Not only to see what poverty really looks like, and to learn, but also see what successful poverty fighting looks like as well. I wanted to learn from people and organizations who are really doing a heroic job of successfully bringing people out of poverty. . . . So I spent two years traveling around the country and the 1st Congressional District learning about this. And it was just awe inspiring. I was so moved by the stories of personal redemption, the fact that there are good things happening in America. People are doing amazing things, beating the odds and getting out of poverty and helping others.” 

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